Sunday, March 28, 2010


This mini is just hot off the paint desk. As usual, the base is not done, but the mini itself mostly is.

This beautiful mini is from Reaper's Chronoscope line and sculpted by Patrick Keith. The mini's Reaper name is Inferno.

I have renamed her Firestar as a tribute to the comic character Firestar by Marvel Comics. I first saw her on the cartoon series Spider-man and His Amazing Friends :)

View of Firestar zooming up into the skies :)

Front view

Back view

And her stats below using the WH40K system. Again just for fun and creativity ;)

Firestar has 4+ invulnerable save.

Fiery Charge (as per Furious Charge rule).

Firestar can fly and moves as if equipped with jump-pack.

Fire Blast
Firestar can shoot blasts of incidenary flames at her enemies.
She can shoot D6 small blast templates at St4 AP5 at D6 different targets OR a single flame template of Str5 Ap4.

Fire Lance
Firestar can concentrate mircrowaves into a focused beam of fire.
She can choose to shoot a Str9 AP2 beam instead of Fire Blast.

Fire Lance and Fire Blast are used in the Shooting phase but both cannot be fired in the same turn.

Firestar is immune to all Flamer based attacks. Melta attacks affect Firestar only at half strength.

Yup thats it. And finally a pic of the ladies below.

Enjoy! :)

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