Monday, March 29, 2010

Bag of Cthulhu

I received my Bag of Cthulhu in the mail today!

I'll share some pics of the Bag below. Basically, it contains 6 large tokens/statue and 24 small tokens/statues. I got it for USD $11.20. And i think its really a bargain as there are soooo many tokens in the bag alone.

The Bag of Cthulhu unopened.

Overall view of the Bag contents.

This is a pic of the larger statues, almost 2.2 inches tall.

The smaller identical ones are almost 1 inch in height.

I think they are great for use as tokens. But i would use them for terrain pieces and decorations. Maybe even one or two as a miniature/character for actual gaming :)

I had some fun with the tokens. This is a pic of the token taking a toilet break after traveling great distances in the cargo hold ;)


  1. Of all things, why oh why my dear brother, why did u put the Cthulhu on the toilet bowl...!!! It truly boggles my mind and dump it into the precipe, when I see you doing these things... my mind reel...
    Thanks to Aya, im quite familiar with the precipe now but im still boggled! 'Adnan

  2. wow! those are nice, they make good terrain pieces for a chaos temple!

  3. Hi guys :)

    @Adnan: Haha! The pose was too tempting not to try something like that. And multiverse travel can be quite a nerve racking if not bowel moving experience ;P

    @crazyrat: Yeah man, agree :) I'm thinking of using them for underwater ancient temple kind of look.

  4. Ah I see your point:-)
    True true, defecating and vomiting are frequent reaction to inter-dimensional travel:-)

  5. dudess..a big handful of them eh? try microwaving them.hhaha xD

  6. hey hey...anyway im gonna update my dead blog. so feel free to read through my posts..i'll be continuing my hobby too! =D my men are getting bored.

  7. Hihi! Will be definitely readin your blog manz :)) Post pics of your Space Marines if can, would love to see them :) For the Emprah!