Friday, March 12, 2010

Zippity Zoom!


The Flash is near completion. Just a teeny bit more highlighting and basing (which i will prolly never do) haha!

My miniature version of The Flash from the front.

Side view of greased lightning man!

The back view. His enemies eat his dust :D

So I've come up with some stats loosely using the 40k system. This is just for fun and laughter ;P

I'm not sure if the stats will line up, depending on browsers. here goes.

The Flash

Can't Touch This
The Flash always has 3+ re-rollable special armor save against all attacks. He can only be hit by opponents on 5+ regardless of WS and BS.

Lightning Reflexes
The Flash always strikes first. If both The Flash and his opponent has the same initiative, The Flash will always count as having +1 initiative higher than his opponent.

The Flash always hits opponents on a 3+ regardless of WS. Additionally, all of The Flash's To Hit are re-rollable.

Greased Lightning
The Flash can move up to 24 inches and assault. The Flash may move another 12 inches after his initial move, but he may not assault if he uses this additional move.

The Flash may not end his move in impassable terrain. He may not pass through impassable terrain. The Flash however can ignore all difficult and dangerous terrain tests.

The Speed Force
The Flash will have to take a Leadership test to use Speed Force. If successful, The Flash gets +2 Strength and 2D6 attacks for the turn.
The Flash may also choose to make a single attack at Strength 10 AP 1 if he forgoes his 2D6 attacks.
Against Vehicles, The Flash rolls a D6 for each successful hit. On a 3-4, he scores a glancing hit, on a 5-6, a penetrating hit.

Due to the nature of Speed Force, The Flash experiences difficulties in maintaining his physical molecular form. He will have to roll a 5+ at the start of each player's turn. If he fails the save, he will be put in reserve and will only come in on 5+ thereafter.

Hit and Run.

Lol! Hope everyone who stumbled upon this was entertained by the above rules. No points cost for him as he'll never be played.

Next Up! Mighty Thor! (who is still being painted)

Cheers :)


  1. THOR OWNS!! hahaha..miss the chats too xD well done painted flash u got there! highly detailed with good coloured paint. sweet! cant wait to see thor!! try adding some lightning sutfs? hahaaa

  2. Hey hi :)

    Thor is (mostly) done and pics posted. Still thinking where to include the lightning effects thought haha!