Saturday, March 20, 2010

Something Fishy is Afoot.....

Deep Ones WIP

I have started on converting some WH Fantasy Lizardmen Skinks to the Deep Ones of the Cthulhu Mythos. Deep Ones are basically fish men from the ocean depths.

Got a test model done in about 10minutes. I'm ok with the results haha!

No cutting or filing needed to be done. The green stuff was just sculpted onto the Skink's face :)

Other profile of Deep One test mini. He is sporting a primitive spear. I'm still deciding how to do the tail though.

Next up...

Paintbrush Care Purchases.

I think i saw on YC's blog Fantasy Games intro or link to a good brush cleaner. I was accompanying me wife to look at some art shops and i saw The Master's Brush Cleaner and Preserver. I bought it for a try...and it works really great!!

I would highly recommend this as well. I used it on a really worn brush, and after 4 washes it looked markedly 'newer' :))



  1. Hmmm Sausage-lips fishman. What's not to like? Haha.

    And now to find this Brush Cleaner thing here too =)

  2. Thanks thanks :) He sure looks kissable hehehe to me too! I won't do it tho lol!

  3. Sushi? hahahas...weird guy but he looks pretty kewl. =)

  4. Hey Sam how you use the brush cleaner and preserver to clean the brushes? Are there instructions?

  5. Yeah man,

    At the bottom of the cleaner box got the following instructions:

    Rinse brush in warm water.
    Swirl brush in compound and work into lather.
    Rinse and repeat as necessary until brush is clean.
    Rinse again with water.

    Yup thats generally it :) Hope this helps.

  6. Ok thx, I got time going art store look look.