Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Super Heroes

I'm going to be taking a break from the Cthulhu project for a bit. Still awaiting for my order of the Lizardmen Skinks, which will probably take a while haha! Sigh....

So on to the next project.

I'll be doing me some Super Heroes!

They will largely be based on painting individual miniatures, largely from Reaper, as they have really characterful and detailed minis.

I'll be using the WH40K stats and rules for my Superheroes. They will probably never be used in a game of real 40K Battles haha! But i'm doing it just for fun and the excuse to do up some superheroes.

I'll be painting two of my favorite heroes next. I have done some slight conversions and greenstuffing.

So first up will be The Flash (DC Comics). And the second will be The Mighty Thor (Marvel Comics)!

Some WIP pics of the minis...

My version of The Flash was based on the miniature Zenith, Superhero from the Reaper Miniature's Chronoscope line. I loved the sculpt by James Van Schaik as its very dynamic and characterful. I could really see the Flash zipping along at top speed when i beheld the mini :D

The Flash seen from the side.

The Flash from the front.

Some greenstuff was done to add the face mask and the lightning symbol on the front of the costume. I'll really want to include the Speed Force concept in his stats later.

Next up...

The Mighty Thor!

My version of Thor was inspired by Thor (Earth-311) series.

This mini is also from Reaper Miniatures and again done by talented sculptor James Van Schaik. I have done some conversion work with help from some bits from the WH Fantasy Dwarf range. This mini was originally the Viking Warrior Amon.

Front view. I replaced the axe wielding arm with a hammer, which would be representing the Legendary Mjolnir!

Back view. Some more greenstuff to buld up the base and fill in the gaps in the mini.

Hope to post the painted minis up soon with my home made stats ;)


  1. HEY!! =) my marines are alright...didnt really have the time to paint...their colleting dust i guess. haha..soon i'll miss painting them and start again xD WOOO!damn i love thor...hes my marvel hero since young...i love his armour, hammer and his powers. hahaaa..awesome minis. Thor has the power of lightning...something like Zeus? HAHA.yea. i'll end here dudeee...cya! =D take care.

  2. Hey Balrog!

    Nice to hear from ya! Yeah manz, Thor is one of my faves too haha :)

    I'll do something to add your lightning suggestion in as well. He's being painted as i type this. The Flash is done and pics posted ;)

    U take care too! Miss the chats with u haha!