Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here is the third and probably last hero for my Lightning Trio :)

Also known as The Big Red Cheese, i present Shazam! Interestingly, Shazam! also came to be known later as Captain Marvel.

This mini is also from Reaper's Chronoscope range. The Reaper mini is called Captain Griffon and was sculpted by Bobby Jackson.

Shazam! from the front. I did the lightning symbol smaller as compared to the comics as i did not want to obscure the abs hehe!

View from the back, where his cloak takes up most of the mini.

According to the back story, Shazam! was granted his powers by five different entities or deities. To have all of the powers in gameplay would be a bit unfair. So i have included an element of luck to determine his powers, listed in the table below.

Before the start of the game, the player rolls a D6. The number of powers the player can choose for Shazam! would be the result rolled. The player must shout Shazam! as he rolls the D6 for it to count ;P

Okie doke! Now for his uber stats haha!


Shazam! can fly and moves as if he has a jump pack.

Shazam! has the Eternal Warrior rule.

And thats it. His rules are pretty straightforward. Again no points cost, as he is not legal in 40k hahaha! Unless your opponent doesn't mind letting you use it for a bit of fun and laughter ;)

Well, last but not least, a group pic of my Superheroes and a hint of back story to playing them in the 40k universe.

The Lightning Trio

From Left to Right 'The Flash', 'Shazam!' and 'Thor'.

Unbelievable Back Story (hehehe!)

So in short, three xenos excavators dug up a box containing 3 artifacts. The artifacts are identical and each is a golden metal plate shaped like a lightning bolt. Each can be carried easily and no bigger than the palm of one's hand.

Each piece of artifact is imbued with the power of a unique entity (superhero). When activated, the individual will be able to transform to a Hero with abilities and powers to match. Their identities are kept secret as per all superheroes ;)

Since their marvelous discovery, the three dudes have been fighting crime on their planet. And beloved by the people in their community.

Their acts of bravery have caught the attention of a secret organization who have been fighting Chaos and all forms of evil since the times of Ancient Terra. Soon they will be approached to bring their powers for justice to the wider universe.

Yup! Thats all folks. I'm writing up the background, but that might take a while haha!


  1. WOWIE!! nt sure whos Shazam but he looks like half flash half i love the pic where u put Shazam, Flash and Thor together. really cool! hahas. nice nice xD

  2. Hihi,

    Thanks :) I had great fun painting them all. The Shazam! hero was created in 1939 by artist C. C. Beck. There was a TV series in 1974 or 1977...i think. It was quite far back and no wonder you never heard of him haha! I too only vaguely remember watching the cartoons from my childhood ;)