Monday, March 15, 2010

Thor Miniature Tribute

The Mighty Thor

...And here he is!

A very fun miniature to paint and convert :) This is also one muscular mini haha!

His appearance is loosely based on the Thor Earth-311 series. He represents the character Donal/Thor. I didn't do a cloak as yet bit will probably try to add one on at a later stage.

Front view of Thor and the legendary Mjolnir.

Side view of Thor charging into the fray.

Back and alternate side view. The sword would have been a hassle to remove. But i felt it kinda has its place here as Donal was a member of the Templars, and probably wielded a sword as his primary weapon.

Below are the stats for the character, again based on WH40k system. Its also meant for giggles and not real play ;P

Thor Odinson

Living god
Thor ignores instant death. If his wounds reaches zero, he will stand back up on a roll of 5+ with 1 wound.

Thor has a special affinity towards thunder and lightning and thus can call down lightning to strike his foes.
Thor is able to make a large blast template attack at strength 4 AP5 during his shooting phase.

Mjolnir, Legendary Hammer

Mjolnir is the wondrous hammer gifted to Thor by his father Odin on his birth. It has miraculous powers and abilities that are bestowed on its wielder. Mjolnir confers +1A, +1 S and +1 I to Thor.
Mjolnir has the Rending special rule.

Thor is able to fly through the air by holding on to Mjolnir and directing its flight.
In game terms, Thor moves as if equipped with a jump pack.

Mjolnir can be thrown at Thor's enemies and return to Thor after striking his opponent.
In game terms, Mjolnir is able to make a ranged attack of up to 24 inches in the shooting phase. This is a strength 8 attack at AP3. Against vehicles, Mjolnir rolls 2d6 for armor penetration.

And thats all for Thor!

I may tweak a few of his abilities later though, overpowered (and rightly so) as he already is :)

I'll be doing another mini of a superhero. Am still deciding between Superman or Shazam! (or Captain Marvel).

More to come ;)



  1. hey...awesome thor!! well painted! wow =D hahahaa. nice nice. i like the way u paint his helm and clothes...mostly i like his hammer. splendid~! anyway u might wanna consider putting lightning effects on his helm? or his clothes? (his clothes look pretty plain) or maybe if ur skillful enough can put on the hammer? but very small =x hahaha. might wanna consider those places =D cya soon! peace out.

  2. Ya man. Only one word. Awesome! Let me know if I can borrow him for my Arjac (special wolf guard)? Haha. Can't wait for more of your super heroes. Really superb paintjob!

  3. Hi bro,

    So happy to hear from u haha! Thanks for the kind words. No probs manz, u can definitely borrow him for Arjac hehe :))