Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Herald


I managed to finish up the little Herald of Cthulhu. It took much faster than anticipated, i think cos he was so small haha!

Below is a pic of him. The lighting was quite bad due to overcast skies (again). I have affectionately named him Inky.

Inky looking quite murderous despite his size ;P

Inky's back view.

And finally...

Portrait of a Cephalopod Family.
From the Left is Slim Tim, Big Bad Squeed (Middle) and Little Inky (Right).

This would also mean that my DoC Pure Nurgle army's Lord and Heroes list is now complete. Now to move on to the Deep Ones. Hope to get the Lizardmen Skinks soon for conversion and painting up.

Soon they will be able to go pillagin' in da fishin' villagez! Muahaha!


  1. Love the depth in painting of 'The Cephalod Family' mate.careful of those suckers though:-) 'Adnan

  2. Hi bro,

    Thanks for the comments :) I will always remember the black squid ink on our the lips of our dear friend haha!