Saturday, April 3, 2010

Deep One test mini

First sushi man complete!

Fresh from the ocean, this Deep One is painted has had a change in color. Was originally painted greyish. But decided to change him to greenish tinge as he would be closer in color to his cephalopod masters.

As he will be a counts as Plaguebearer, it was also appropriate to give him a greener, snotty hue ;)

Side view.

Front view charging.

Other side view. I added a belly to the model, as the original skink physique was too slim, haha!

I'm quite satisfied with the outcome and will probably painted the rest of the fishies in the same color scheme.


  1. Yea man, its coming along quite nicely :) I'll be fielding 36 fishmen or sushi-boys as plaguebearers. HQ will be Epidemus converted from Slann Mage priest. Also got 3 DP represented by the large octopus headed creature ;)

  2. awesome! =) his spear looks simple but pretty unique. hahas..

  3. Let me know when you are coming back, bro. I'll do up a High Elf (or Space Wolves/Vikings) army with fishing rods. AHwooooo =)

    Btw, I can't wait to see the look of all 36 fishmen in one pic.

    Time to fish bro. Haha

  4. Hi Krom,

    Will do bro haha! You will need to reinforce the fishing rods for 3 Octopus D-Princes as well man ;P

    Still working on the sushi boys, 20 more to go ahahaha!