Friday, June 10, 2011

Space Hulk Card Game

I went to the local comic shop today to see if there are any last minute buys before i head home for good. Got a week or so left in Brisbane!

And i saw this really compact box containing a game of what i assume is the Space Hulk version in card form. Apparently its been out since early 2010, at least since the revamped Space Hulk board game came out. I say this because the art of the Blood Angels and the fluff of Sgt Lorenzo is also in this card game.

The game is published by Fantasy Flight Games, and they do make great games :)

I opened it straight after i got home from grocery shopping. There is a rule book, 2 decks of cards, tokens and a dice. The bottom of the box also looks nice.

Closer view of the tokens and rulebook.

A view of the cards.

The dice looks cool as well.

I'll go look through the rulebook to see how its plays. May give my thoughts on it later ;) Also still packing all my minis and paints at the moment haha!

Have a super weekend ahead everybody!


  1. The artwork is nice! LOL 0 Side dice?

  2. Yeah manz!

    And just when i thought i couldn't roll lower than a 1 hahas!