Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jedi Knight: Elensar Feyman

"Elensar or Feyman as he is known to his associates, is an Eldar from the Alaitoc Craftworld. He too discovered his unique gifts whilst training to be a Ranger. The time of solitude and self reliance has made him more aware of his surroundings and his own internal locus of control. He too encountered the Jedi Ancient who recognized Feyman's unique gifts and destiny. Feyman often keeps to himself but is a dependable and much valued member of the Order." -by Mr Fluffy

The Feyman model is based on the old metal Eldar Ranger miniature. I bought a set of Rangers from a friend a while back. I thought that the cloth covering part of his face gives him a sense of mystique. I painted him up quite fast as i am familiar with the Eldar. The main colors and first highlights are mostly done.

I gave him a purplish power weapon...i mean light saber.

I retained his trusty sidearm to represent the +1 Attack in close combat in game terms.

Painted his cameleoline cloak in a xenos-like pattern.

Painting the Ranger mini really brought back memories of my Craftworld Eldar (Alaitoc) army. I really had lots of fun with the Ranger Disruption Table in the Craftworld codex :)

The cloak is painted the same way as my Dryads. Mainly a Knarloc Green basecoat followed by wash if Thraka Green and then Badab Black. This is followed by a 50:50 mix of Knarloc Green and Gretchin Green layered on the raised areas of the cloak. The dots were done with a 30:70 mix of Gretchin Green and Bleached Bone.

For the leather, i just based the relevant parts in Scorched Brown and highlighted it with Snakebite Leather.

That's it for now. Have a splendid day everyone ;)


  1. A miniatures a day keep the _____ away lol!

  2. Yeah manz :) I'm trying to finish as many character minis as i can before work starts..