Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mind Tricked!

Fluffy Sez: "Star Wars Flavored 40K!"

Well i had this idea floating around for quite a few years already. And since then there have also been lots of people who have carried this off superbly. I decided to finish up this army concept also because of the GW price rises and GW's Southern Hemisphere Embargo. So i'm all for using other minis by other manufacturers to continue gaming in the 40K universe.

And Fluffy demanded me to finish up the army concept....

So....the first thing we would need is a suitable Troops selection. The Troops in Star Wars would mostly be the Storm Troopers or Clone Troopers. Which means they must have human stats, but are armed with good guns and armor.

Looking through the wide selection of Codex out there, a decision was to use the Witch Hunter's Codex. I heard its due for a revamp, but i do like playing old-er codex armies..dunno why..


Yet another huge icon of Star Wars are its Jedi Knights. So for the HQ, the Inquisitor and even the Canoness will fit the bill as suitable leaders.

The above minis are from Reaper Miniatures, just slightly converted. I finished painting up the Jedi on the left who looks a tad like Anakin. I painted the Jedi on the right some time ago.

The plan is also then to treat the Veteran Superiors of each Troop squad as a Jedi Knight, as their force powers can be represented by the Acts of Faith. The SoB calls their Vets the Faithful, I will call them Force Adepts.

I converted a Tau Fire Warrior and an Eldar Ranger to be my Jedis. They will represent the alien races of the Jedi Order.

And speaking of Acts of Faith, they will represent the effects of the Force that all Jedis tap on.

This mini is from Hasslefree Miniatures, which i will undercoat today ;)

All in all, it was a fun exercise in creativity to rename the Acts of Faith (AoF). Thus the AoF will also be known simply as Feats of Valor.

Hand of the Emperor -> Force Might

Divine Guidiance -> Force Assault

The Passion-> Force Speed

Light of the Emperor-> Force of Will

Spirit of the Martyr-> Force Shield

The names have changed for fluff reasons, but the effects remain the same.

Jedi War Gear
We have to be sure to arm each Jedi with a Light Saber. The Power Weapon is an excellent wargear selection.

Also Jedis are well trained at blocking the physical attacks of the enemy. This will be justified by the 3+ Armor save. The Ordos Hereticus Inquisitor in the Elites section can also be tapped upon to field more counts as Jedi Knights. Just be sure to give them the mandatory power weapon and power armor. Also the modelling opportunities are delicious! You can include other alien races miniatures who are Jedi.

This mini is probably from Ral Partha...i think. I used greenstuff and Tyranid bitz to modify his noggin haha!

I also plan to use an Inquisitor to represent either a Master Jedi because of his access to pyschic powers. The Inquisitor Lord can also represent or a Republic General or Republic Hero like Han Solo.

The exciting part is about giving them Henchmen, and i already have a model to for the Sage who will be CP30. The robot on the left is from Reaper Miniatures. I'll be repainting him in NMM Gold. The tin can on the right is my cheapo version of R2D2 made using a bit from one of the 40K starter sets...can't remember the name at the moment..

TROOPS Selection
The Sisters of Battle statline suits the selection of a Star Wars Storm Trooper. So for a basic Troop choice, there would be 9 Battle Sisters.

The above mini is from em4 Miniatures Science Fiction range. A pack of 5 such Space Rangers only runs up to 2.5 British pounds! So very affordable! I bought 12 packs last year and will be using them to represent a Sister of Battle ;P

Look! They also come with special weapons! Shown here are only 2 of the 4 variants given.

Storm Troopers (counts as Sister of Battle)
"Neo Republic's technologies have lead to the manufacture of a power suit similar to those worn by the Adeptus Sororitas and the Adeptus Astartes. Male and female clones are the main pilots of these suits." -Mr Fluffy

A Storm Trooper with Jedi Squad (aka Sister of Battle Squad with Vet Superior).

"The armor is bulky but provides good protection and enhanced targetting systems.
As such, the Storm Trooper in power suit benefits from 3+ armor save and BS of 4." -Mr Fluffy

Other Troops
IG Storm Troopers can also be used as novice Star Wars Storm Troopers or Bodyguards like those Lando has.

For this section, i will only select the Seraphims who will be my counts as aliens who can fly. They will be painted in blue like the repair shop alien that Anakin Skywalker worked and lived in when he was a wee lad. The models i will use will be the Tau Vespids.

For this section, nothing beats the Excorcist. They can be modeled after the AT-TE using the Rhino chassis. I would really appreciate some suggestions on how i could represent the Exorcist too :)

I may limit myself to the type of units i can take in the WH Codex, just for a bit of a challenge :)

Its also great that my gaming group is accepting of minis from other ranges being used. I have seen stranger and more hilarious proxies on the gaming table hehehe!

Good day to all!
And may the force be with you :P


  1. Preparing for the SOB codex!!!

  2. This is so EPIC! Such a great idea, look forward to more on this.

  3. I love this!!! Put some on our blog!!!

  4. Thanks for the kind words guys!

    This was a project thought of quite some time ago. Decided to make it a reality :)

    Yeah man, this will be a good way to familiarize with the supposedly upcoming SOB codex. They'll probably change all the rules though haha!

    I'll try to post up more painted stuff as they are done ;)

    I'll try to post there once my minis are more presentable hehe!