Tuesday, June 7, 2011

LotR Elven Heroes

I just ran out of some of essential paints like white, greens and some browns. Other paints are packed and gonna be shipped home. Working with a limited number of paints is a bit of a challenge.

Managed to finish up two minis today real quick. The LotR models do grow on you after a while :) I had fun painting them.

Front view of Arwen Evenstar on foot.

Back view.

Next up, the man with the bow!

Front view. Legolas Greenleaf on foot is the last model of the lot. All the major colors are on and fine detail work remains.

Back view.

A group shot of the Elven Heroes!

Made contact with my boss and i'll be starting my full time job on 4th of July which also happens to be....Independence Day!! Well for gamers in the USA :))


  1. Yar manz, i'll try to prioritize more hehe ;)