Friday, June 3, 2011

Blast from the Past: Wood Elf Archer

I got this miniature a while back, like 7 maybe even 8 years ago. I did a quick paint up today.

Before it was glued onto the base i saw the word Marauder at the bottom of the mini.

It was only later that i found out it was a Citadel Miniature and it was sculpted probably somewhere in 1988 by Trish and Aly Morrison. Turns out that they came out with a line of minis called Marauder Miniatures which was later absorbed back into Citadel in 1993 and was available for order in White Dwarf.

I'm trying to do a 360 view of the mini haha!

Back view. I may use him as a Spellweaver as well because he looks a bit different from my other one-pose Glade Guard archers.

I think this side profile view is the most cool lookin'.

I quite enjoyed painting this one. It did tempt me into considering repainting all my Glade Guard archers, but i'm probably not gonna do it...for now ;)

Battle Mages

I assembled these House Shyeel Battle Mages from Privateer Press. Did some gluing and pinning too, but then realized i ran out of black primer lol! May have to wait before i start painting them. Priority now is to finish up the Flesh Tearers for 40K and Wood Elves for Fantasy.

And its Friday!!

Have a good games night, and a great weekend of relaxing and wargaming ;)


  1. Gearing up for some fantasy and warmachine! NICE!

  2. Yeah manz! My WE will probably be massacred, but i wanna be massacred with beauty hahaha ;P

    I'm not sure where to start with Retribution of Scyrah for Warmachine. I have no Warjacks at all. I only have Rahn, a box of Houseguard Riflemen and the House Sheeyl Battle Mages.

    Looking forward to trying out Warmachine though. They have excellent minis that i still have access to online ;)

  3. Heh, I have two miniatures with 'marauder' on the slotta base thing as well! Both were packaged as wood elf scouts (I think) and look really similar to yours here, one has a rasied sowrd and longbow, the other's wearing a hooded cloak and is in the process of shooting his bow :)

  4. @RhydPedr

    Cool!! I think the wood elf scouts you have are classics as well. Nice pieces of Citadel history there mate :)