Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Favourite Miniature

Recently joined Warflake's Blog when I saw his post regarding one's favourite miniature. It did get me thinking on what was my fav mini. I honestly had not thought about it as I just go from painting one mini to the next and enjoying the new adventure it brings.

But if i had to pick one, it would be Commander Dante of the Blood Angels :)

He brings back a lot of memories as he has been in the 40K range for a while. Dante also gave me an image of a noble angel, tireless in his devotion to his Chapter and to humanity.

I really like the mini because of the sculpt of the armor. Its really different from the standard Space Marine armor and exudes a more human and organic aura.

He also represents fun moments when gaming with my friends. Dante becomes a trophy 'gold bar' to the player that takes him down. This usually with him taking a meltagun to the face and then promptly rolling a '1' for his invuln save haha!

I feel Dante was one of the main inspirations for one of my next favourite GW minis in the 40K universe- The Sanguinary Guards and The Sanguinor. As a result, I now have a decent Sanguinary Guard army ;)

And upon reflection, my blog avatar is a picture of Dante's mask :)

"A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark."
-by Dante Alighieri


  1. LOL

    I always feel Dante should have eternal warrior since he so old bird already.

    Are you back already? We are playing this sat morning at my place. Your hp num is the one that starts with 9 or 8?

  2. Yeah manz, touched down in the morning at 6am. Twas the midnight flight. Managed to deep strike without mishap haha!

    My current hp num starts with the 9 ;)

    Cool! I'll try to be there. May have to visit me parents and then parents in law first hehe!