Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back for Good

I've finally reached Singapore and am thankfully back home :)))

The weather is kinder to me here hehe! Am back in my castle and am really stoked to be back with all my miniatures and bitz boxes.

The Shrine of Miniatures. My hope is that if i accumulate enough minis, they will reproduce lol!

The Miniature Crypt below the Shrine. The source of many a strange bitz part(s).

The Painter's Cove. I missed this little corner of my room terribly. I appreciate my bitz and painting station even more now. Its real difficult to do conversions without bitz on hand. For instance, if i had my Sanguinary Guard leftover bitz, I could have added more angel icons for my Flesh Tearers.

But being in the midst of so many unfinished and unboxed miniatures has its downsides. I keep getting distracted on what i have to complete. And in the end i get lost as it all seems so daunting. If the frugality of living overseas has taught me anything, it is focus. I did not have so many other stuff distracting me when i was in Brisbane and i managed to focus on finishing one army at a time.

I thus will plan to apply the same focus here ;) Hopefully the practice will pay dividends haha!

Above are all the miniatures needed for my Flesh Tearer's 1750pt fun list! I'll concentrate on finishing painting the tanks.

Fine Seers!
Also spent some time just admiring the Finecast Farseer and Warlocks.

The quality and detail is without a doubt one of the best i've seen.

The back view of the sprues also do not disappoint. I'll not be painting them for a while because of a hard decision i may have to make. I plan to complete my 5 Warlocks on Jetbikes. But i currently can't bear to cut the resin miniatures for conversion cos they look so beautiful...

Thats all for today. Gotta catch up on some sleep ;)


  1. Look at the stash!!! so shiny and neat, unlike mine lol haphazard stacking and tossing. The bitz containers are so well organized.

    Saw your painting corner in real life, really a good place to concentrate to paint.

    Ah the 1750 Flesh tearers cant wait to play against it. The lord of death must die!

    Oh you got the fine cast seer council, they look good, unlike those negative reviews we have on the net. Maybe ppl just exaggerate the fail cast. What I like about the fine cast is not as heavy as metal and dont fall when place on hills/diff terrain.

  2. @crazyrat

    Thanks man ;) I organized the bitz quite recently in June last year. Took a bit of work, and its still a bit messy haha!

    Yup, the finecast seer council has been assembled, but not primed yet. The resin is soft, so care must be taken when cutting it off the sprue.

    Yup, i like the lightness of it as well :))

    Cool! I'll bring the FT in July when we next game.

  3. @ Krom

    Thanks! Its great to be back :)

    You still using the Sons of Fenris?

  4. They kinda went back to guard duty at the Fang =)

    I am trying the Lamenters (painting yellow lol and gaming) and Dark Eldar now!