Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flesh Tearers WIP: Shoulder Fashion

I unpacked some of my paints and went on to freehand some shoulder pads for the lads.

I started off with an arrow shape on the shoulder pad.

Then i drew a line to complete the top arrow shape.

I used Codex Grey for this and also filled in the shape of top of the arrow.

I then thickened the arrow shaft on both sides equally and the basic Troops symbol was done. All that is left now is to clean it up with Chaos Black to sharpen the edges.

Managed to put the Tactical arrow on the rest of the Flesh Tearer Troops. Will go over the arrow with a solid fill of Skull White later.

Also finished up the alternate side shoulder pads, now proudly sporting the Chapter symbol.

They look happier! I rewarded them with the shoulder pad paint job as they did well in another battle yesterday versus the Dark Eldar. Again i did not have enough points so it was my Flesh Tearers all decked out at 1300pts vs DE 1400pts. It was Annihilation mission again but Spearhead deployment. I managed a win with 10 kill points to his 4 kill points.

More Elves!

Also picked up two LotR elves to paint from friend Silas on the same day. They are a Wood Elf Captain and Thranduil aka the Elvenking aka Legolas's dad.

Thats all from me for now. Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Its getting colder again in Brissie, hope the temp doesn't go much lower haha ;)


  1. You want some DE heads? to decorate your flesh tearers bases?

  2. flesh tearers look good - especially the chapter symbol on all of them!

  3. @crazyrat

    Sure man, i could use one or two for some blood thirsty goodness :)

    Thanks man! It took a while to paint them all. But i'm glad i did it ;)