Sunday, June 5, 2011

Arwen Evenstar

I met up with fellow countryman Silas at the local GW this weekend :) He also had some really nice character miniatures from GW's Lord of the Rings range for me to paint. I primed the models immediately after i got home. And started painting Arwen on her noble steed this morning.

It was a quick paintjob as i was quite enthusiastic about painting Arwen. I find the model to be just beautiful, an accurate sculpt of the actress Liv Tyler who portrayed Arwen in the film.

Front view. Arwen on the elven steed Asfaloth wielding the sword Hadhafang.

Left side view. The pose of the model is quite regal looking.

Right side view. I'm still doing some touch ups on the model, especially the leather components.

Back view. The rocks on the base are done by the model's owner.

A slightly more close up shot of the Lady Arwen. My camera can only zoom so far without getting out of focus lol!

More Elves!

The rest of the elven minis are primed and ready for paint. They include Arwen on foot, Legolas on his horse Arod and Legolas on foot.

Have relaxing Sunday all!


  1. I have a bunch of minis for you to paint when you get back!

  2. Cool manz! Looking forward :)) Is it IG?

  3. I help him answer, Yes.

    Liv Tyler look so different from her father hahaha.

  4. @crazyrat

    Lol! Okie thanks :) I was guessing the same. Just wondering if it'll be Cadians or Victrix troopers.

    Yeah manz, Liv Tyler looks so much better haha!