Monday, June 27, 2011

Introducing: Mr Fluffy

I'm kinda done packing up stuff for now and decided to paint up a miniature i got from my time in Brisbane.

This is the White Rabbit inspired by the Alice in Wonderland story and he's sculpted by the talented Bob Ridolfi. The mini comes with Alice figure as well and is from the Reaper Miniature's range.

I'll be calling him Mr Fluffy and he will be in charge of the nonsensical fluff that i come up with on this blog ;)

He's painted in the original colors of the Alice in Wonderland cartoon. His surcoat is red with blue striped pants and he's also wearing a yellow shirt inside.

Side view. Tick-tock!

He's carrying a small wooden cane as well.

Back view.

Just based him by sprinkling on some modelling sand. Will be adding some static green grass later.

That's my quick paintjob for the day. I really have to get started on those Flesh Tearer Rhinos :)

Have a great start to the week all and don't be late for work or school hehe!

"Oh my ears and whiskers! How late its getting!"
by The White Rabbit


  1. Haha I would put him in charge of my blog anyday.

  2. he looks great!

  3. Thanks guys! He was a treat to paint :)