Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Master Jedi Aun'Da

I decided to paint up my first Xenos Jedi for the Star Wars 40K project. He will be my counts as Canoness using the Witch Hunters Codex. The major colors and highlights are done. Detail work and basing will follow soon...i hope.

"Master Aun'Da is unique even amongst his caste. He was born without sight, but developed his other senses well. Being blind, he quickly learned to tap into his inner strengths and later discovered he had abilities he never knew existed. A chance encounter with a Jedi Ancient when he was a youth gave him the opportunity to embark on the perilous journey of becoming a Jedi in his own right." -by Mr Fluffy

Aun'Da's Lightsaber is a double sided weapon and in game terms counts as an Eviserator.

Right side view. Another shot of Aun'Da's Power-saber and his bonding knife.

Left side view. Aun'Da motioning the enemy to come towards him with his hand in a challenge.

Back view. I will treat the backpack as a jump pack in a game of 40K to give him that extra mobility.

So instead of the Flying Nun from SoB, he will be a Flying Fish hehehe!

That's all for today. Hope this provided mid-week some entertainment ;)


  1. Tau jedi! nice. You starting SOB?

  2. I'm kinda starting SoB. Its more like finihsing up the project i started a few years back. The codex was newer then, and now its old....and becoming new again lol!

    Its also an experiment in using alternative minis to represent more than 50% of a 40K universe army.

    I think i'll only start an SoB army proper on two conditions. The minis come in plastic or resin + they resculpt the Sisters of Battle. I kinda feel the Sisters models look a bit manly, especially the faces hehe!