Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm still working on my Flesh Tearers Storm Raven. Been slowly building up the layers of Red Gore on the big red flying machine. I've still been pretty busy playing Dynasty Warriors 2 on me PSP lol!

It looks a bit cramped in the driver's seat.

Frontal view of the Raven.

Side view. Much layering was needed for the sides of the Raven. Also had to keep tilting the vehicle sideways and other angles so the thinned paint would not pool...too much.

Other side view.

Rear view. This is all just the basic colors without any highlights. Its sure taking a while, and my PSP/PC gaming distractions are not helping either ;)

Brother-Techmarine Icarus checking his flight console and coffee tray.

A slightly elevated view of the pilot's seat. He has given up searching for the manual and will be just "winging it".

This Just In!
I received my orders from Wayland Games today! Its raining lots and getting colder. So it kinda feels like Christmas. Yaay!!

I got the Space Marine Battleforce to bring the Flesh Tearers army up to 1750pts. Also bought a nice mini from Infinity's Yu Jing range. He's called a Hsien warrior with Multirifle. Its quite a versatile mini that can be used as an Eldar Autarch or an Inquisitor from the Ordos Xenos.

Also got myself some really beautiful and sleek spacecrafts from Spartan Games. The bigger ships appear to be resin. They look gorgeous! I chose Aquan Prime because i like the name relating to the ocean. A star ocean ;)

Right! Thats all the updates i got for today.

Have a super start to the week everyone!


  1. The SR is looking good. You painted the little buttons also! nice hahaha.

    Our reinforcements seems to arrive at the same time. Interesting model to use as an autarch. I also bought a model from infinity range to use as my vindicare assassin.

    FSA! Feel like trying it. I like the Alliance of Kurak new ships.

  2. Thanks man :) Yeah, i couldn't resist painting it all. But once the canopy closes, nothing much can be seen lol!

    I think Wayland send out packages by bulk probably on the same day. Nice! Yar manz, they have a lot of nice models suitable for assassins.

    Hey we could try out FSA if u get a set ;) The Alliance of Kurak sounds cool! Can use it to proxy BFG also haha!