Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Death Company (on the cheap)

I've recently got me hands on a Space Marine Battleforce. There are lots of Marines in there and the task was to convert some to represent the Flesh Tearers Death Company brothers.

Also did some research online and the consensus was that Flesh Tearers are not too flashy like their Blood Angels brethren. They are rough and ready, and just waiting to get stuck into brutal combat! Which suits me just fine as i have no Blood Angels bitz at all lol!

I got some inspiration from a wonderful piece of Death Company art by a talented artist by name of Orlan Novak. I first saw his art work used in other blogs. I decided to do a search for the artist and i think he posts his work on the deviantart website.

Link here to the picture in question.

I thought he captured the menace and darkness of the Death Company really well. This inspired me to do paint a test model.

Death Company Marine
Below is the DC marine made entirely from marine sprues of the Space Marine Battleforce. I arranged the pictures as if he is making a turn or sweep with his power fist haha ;)

He was painted in about 30mins. And i really enjoyed doing the simple color scheme. And no hordes of gems and jewelery to paint either haha!

Thats all i got for today. Hope everyone is having a great week :)


  1. 30mins that fast! no blink blink I see lol! the BA like to look good before going into battle hahaha

    Yea, the plastic DC have alot of blink.

  2. 30 thats fast man! hahaha.
    He looks pretty cunning and evil with his black power armour and purplish red eyes. haha!
    awesome~ :D

  3. @crazyrat
    Thanks man haha :) I wanted the actual Death Company box set too. But Flesh Tearers not really like to look good like their Blood Angels brothers. They are more brutal and austere i guess. Functional can oledi, all that matters is blood lol!

    Thanks dude! He's the first of 7 brothers ;)