Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Red Wednesday

I recently got me hands on another fine miniature by Reaper. Its called Santa Claus by Bob Ridolfi. I bought it immediately as i always loved Christmas and the sort of magical feeling it gives. I plan on displaying this mini prominently on me desk, maybe even the table at my workplace. This will remind me of the year end holidays and the spirit of Christmas ;)

Pics of mini below.

No good miniature goes un40K-rised by me heheheh!! So i made up some stats for thats right.... Santa Claus in 40K!

Here goes:

Santa Klaus, Ancient Spirit of Yuletide

Unit Type: Infantry

Special Rules:

Independent Character
Eternal Warrior
Move Through Cover
Hit & Run

The Red Suit:- The famous suit confers a 5+ save and a 4+ invuln save to the wearer.

...who is Naughty and Nice
Santa can choose one wargear from each enemy character and remove them for the duration of the game. Also Santa can give one wargear (selected only from appropriate entry of own player's codex) for free to each of friendly indpendent characters.

Booby Trapped Gifts
Santa has a bag of lethal gifts that he can lob at the enemy. He counts as having D6 Demolition Charges. Roll before start of game.


All Flamer and Melta attacks are half strength against Santa.

Santa's Litte Helpers Santa can choose a retinue of up to 9 elvish Helpers at 10pts per model. Santa can choose to allocate wounds he takes to them instead.

More Santa!

Side view with teddy bear.

Bag o' gifts.

Back view.

WIP Pics of Storm Raven...again
I finally worked up the courage to at least put some paint on the flying machine. Started with basecoat of Mechrite Red+Chaos Black for the chassis. 2 Coats applied.

Painted on Scab Red after that. I'm still learning how to paint vehicles as the surfaces are too big and chances for paint to pool in increased dramatically. Will try my best to keep at it ;)

Above pic is with 2 coats of Scab Red on the raised areas.

Thats all for today folks :)


  1. oh this santa I wanted to get it from reaper as a objective maker lol but other purchases got in the way.

    Would a white undercoat be better for red? Make it brighter and no need so many coats. Agree that hard to get smooth coats from hand painting.

    I invested in an airbrush and compressor many years back when I was into gundam modelling. Stop gundam modelling when I went back to school, very time consuming building and fully airbrushing a kit. Had not used my AB and compressor ever since until Ray and Dan got me back to 40k/fantasy and now my AB/compressor have its used again, AB-ing all my vehicles and priming.

  2. Santa would make a nice objective man! U could paint his gifts gold!

    Yea, i think White undercoat may be better. I only bought the black spray here. Didn't want to spend on the white as its really expensive over here lol!

    Cool manz, i was thinking of investing in a good airbrush too :)

  3. Locally here also very x... too bad those online stores cant shipped aerosol sprays with airmail.

    I always wanted to try army painter sprays primers, got many colours.

  4. Yah manz...a quick spray with aerosols would make it all so easy!

    I'm doing it the old fashioned way. Layering thin coats of Red Gore one at a time lol!