Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flesh Tearers: Task Force Cruoris

Hope everyone has a great finish to the week all ready to enjoying the Easter Holidays :))

I've been doing some work on my Death Company and they are getting there. I still got lots of highlighting work, basing and detail on the power weapons to work on.

Some WIP pictures below:

Front view.

Back view.

The red crosses were done using Mechrite Red and Chaos Black (50/50) mix to outline the crosses. I then painted on Red Gore. Then Blood Red followed by mix of Blood Red+Blazing Orange. The thin lines on the cross were done using Red Gore+Skull White mix also 50/50 ratio.

With the Death Company well on the way to completion and just some highlights/detail for me Stormraven, my Flesh Tearers task force is almost ready for a game :)

Below is a pic of my 1000 point army, rearing for battle and blood!

Flesh Tearer Task Force Cruoris.

I got the name of my task force from the Latin word Cruor which means 'blood' or 'spilled blood'.

I made the 1000 point list based on the Rule of Cool ;) I included some of the new Blood Angels models that i really liked and found to be cool to make the list. Not sure if its tactically viable or cheesy even lol!

The fluff for the task force revolves around the search for a cure to stem The Flaw led by a Librarian. The inclusion of the Death Company was to represent the brothers on the quest who fell to the Black Rage. Will they find what they seek before the Black Rage takes them all?

The list:
Flesh Tearers 1000pts

Librarian (1**pts)

Furioso Librarian Dreadnought (175pts)

Tactical Squad (190pts)
10 Marines (1 Meltagun, 1 Missile Launcher)
Sgt with Power weapon

Death Company (195pts)
7 Marines (1 Powerfist, 2 Power sword)

Death Company Dreadnought (1**pts)

Heavy Support
Storm Raven (215pts)
TL-Assault Cannon, TL-Multi-melta
Extra Armor

Have a Blessed Easter everyone!

Cheers :)


  1. Looks balance, not cheesy at all. I like the red crosses you done on the DC. The crosses seems to glow in the dark making the DC more fierce looking.(X-TERMINATE!)

    Only cheesy BA is mephiston + lib + 1-2 priests + 5 assault marines + TLplas/las razorback * 6 + 3 vindicators + baal preds & whatever points left.

    They will nv find the cure! BLOOD FOR THE *purge by =I=*

    Are you coming back to vote?

  2. Thanks manz, the glowy cross was the effect i was trying for :)

    Yeah manz, sadly they will never find cure..maybe they have nice holiday around the galaxy for their efforts haha!

    I dun think will be able to come back vote. Not sure even if its contested. I never voted before in my life cos always walkover lol!

  3. Workers party are contesting Sengkang West SMC. Actually there will be no walkover this election. The oppositions are contesting every constituencies.

    Exercise your right as a citizen to vote hahaha. May 7th 2011 Saturday polling day. My exams starts on May 6th LOL.