Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Gaming Distractions and Stuff

I've been a tad busy with playing old DOS Games lately, so not much painting 40K. Just completed X-Com: Terror from the Deep for the first time. I didn't get to complete it many years ago as my computer crashed. I couldn't help but notice that the final boss of the last stage bears a really close resemblance to Cthulhu!

Above is the last scene from the game before completion. I must say i enjoyed the trip down memory lane tremendously.

Flesh Tearers Librarian (WIP)
I did however find some time to do some painting through the distractions of PC gaming ;)

Am still doing highlighting and stuff on him. But he's coming along nicely. Added bits of Red Gore to the armor to break up the blue..

Back view.

Managed to do up some basing at Games Workshop last week. They provided the glue and flock as well as instructions. The tips were pretty much for basic basing techniques.

Based up me Tactical Squad.

Also did up the base of the Dreadnoughts with some grass flock.

I found the experience really helpful as i never really based anything before. This was my first serious attempt at basing hahaha!

Also did up my remaining leftover marines. My Flesh Tearers currently number 17 marines. More will be done up as soon as reinforcements arrive :)

Other Stuff
I did see the new plastic Tomb Kings Necrosphynx and Necropolis Knights models. They are awesome man!! But no pictures though :( I will be planning to collect Tomb Kings just for the models haha! For the Necrosphynx, there was enough bits left over on almost 2 sprues after the main model was built. Also heard from the staff there will be new Dark Eldar models coming out again in June. But they could not reveal whats coming lol!

Hope everyone had a great week so far. Take care all!


  1. ahhh, the nagging thing in the back of your mind that you always wanted to do finally get completed after a long hiatus.
    The last boss is a coffin with cthulhu marking?

    More mehreens reinforcement i see lol... I thought you strip their paint off using simple green before painting?

    oh yes pls start TK and play fantasy with them! our gaming grp had all the races except TK and beastmen! At least you need not play woodies hahaha. I read that the TK are stronger now.

    The DE are getting

    all plastic kits from rumours. Finally I can field the aeroplanes *pui pui pui* and no need to proxy the venom.

  2. Yup the fluff in the X-Com also mention a Dreamer in the Deep which is exactly like Cthulhu. Similar to the poem from the Necronomican:
    "That is not dead which can eternal lie.
    And with strange aeons even death may die"
    and also
    "In his house at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming"

    Yeah manz, I got the Sphez Mahreenz Battleforce incoming heehee! Oh the Simple Green worked halfway. But i had multiple Chaos Black spray undercoat beneath the layers of paint as well. So it was really hard to get the last few layers off lol! The next marines will be brand new! Yaaay :)

    Cool manz! I will do TK :)

    The DE look to be gettin' awesome stuff man! Scourges as well eh? Finally!

  3. I would have started TK if I had not bought GKs in a moment of impulse during the release hype period...

    The new "gold guard" (tomb guards) also turn me off... 10 models for 25 pounds madness... its like 10 pounds more than grave guard (VC equivalent).

    Though I really like the necrosphinx and the overall feel/look of the TK army.

  4. Ahh i see ;)

    I was holding back on GK cos i wanted to see the new TK.

    I may be running a TK archery/monstrous creature list if its viable ruleswise. So probably lots of archer skellies and some catapults. I also wanted to make use of Queen Khalida whom i already painted up as my Necron Lord.

    I was also thinking that if the new Necrons do turn up, i could use the spare Fantasy bitz to bling up a Necron Egyptian style army :))

  5. Good idea on the shooty TK, with their new lore theres an AOE spell that let your units shoot twice.

    Ptra's Incantation of righteous smiting. Cast on 9/18+. Augment range 12"/ All units within 24". Each affected units gains an extra attack. If armed with bow, gains multiple shot (2).

    With that solid shooting base in the centre, I think your sphinx will be deployed at the flanks to get flank charges or fly towards enemy firing line to wreck some havoc.

    Necrons getting TK bits interesting cross over.

  6. Hey cool! Good to know a shooty army still works :) Always wanted to do one with Khalida in the fluff.

    Yeah manz, the TK plastics are really sweet! And the new Necrons also sure to be just as good. A mixture of the undeads should be fun and nice eye candy. Also add more character to a rather 'uniform' looking army ;)