Saturday, April 23, 2011

Battleforce Marines

Almost finished assembling the rest of the Marines from the battleforce i got recently.

Pic below:

In the front row are 10 man Assault Squad without Jump packs (from 5 Normal Marines and 5 Assault Marines). One armed with Flamer and one with meltagun. Sgt with power weapon is on the extreme right in front. Behind is their Rhino.

Also managed to get one more marine with boltgun for my Death Company.

Behind are 5 Scouts. Sgt with CCW/Bolt pistol, 3 with Boltguns and 1 with Heavy Bolter. I just like the look of the scouts. Very different armaments from my Black Templar Neophytes.

Last evening got a bit rainy quite fast. There was a thunderstorm alert as well.

Above pic taken from the window of where i'm staying. The tree lined area is the city park and beyond that is the Brisbane River. The park is really beautiful and the walk along the river really soothing. I will miss this part of the city when i leave.


I couldn't help putting the Stormraven up against the backdrop for giggles ;) Scene would have been perfect if not for the fly screen/netting on the window lol!

Happy holidays to all!


  1. Wow you stay very high up, can almost touch the clouds! Those clouds looks dangerous, "living lightning" anyone?

    Hey your SR almost completed from that pic, pls post some pictures hahaha

  2. Yeah manz, am on the 17th floor haha!

    Okie doke, i'll post more pics using the next post ;)