Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Angel's Storm

The Stormraven gunship is tabletop ready at last. I'll keep adding to the details as time goes by. Too much other stuff have been distracting me lol!

I'm also contemplating starting a Tau army. This might mean i'll skip Tomb Kings. Will still get the Necrosphinx to paint though ;)

Well here she is, Stormraven gunship- The Angel's Storm

Front view.

Front with forward bay doors open.

Side view.

Other side view.

View from below.

And view from above.

I could not resist and glued the whole ship together. Now i can't really fit it into my luggage. I'll probably be carrying it onto the plane in my arms lol!



  1. Looks like a toy! LOL where are the highlights??

  2. Haha! In some ways it is a toy ;)

    Highlights are coming along slowly. Got inspiration to paint up another model at the moment. After that i'm pretty sure another distraction will catch my eye lol!

    I'll probably only do highlighting for the Stormraven on the sidelines, or while waiting for paint to dry ;)

  3. LOL you painted all the little buttons and console! Make them fun to press!

    NO!!! not the Commu----- greater good guys haha, but rumour has it that they are getting new codex also.

    Yes it fun to stick large models, hope the over zealous customs dont confiscate your SR!!!

  4. @crazyrat

    Thanks man! Yea i couldn't resist the button painting yet again ;P

    I scared the customs people confiscate my assault cannon, multimelta and bloodstrike missiles LOL! That would be total embarrassment for the chapter haha!

    Been thinking about the Tau lately man. I think i'm moving towards older codex armies again....
    The Crisis suits also becoming quite attractive in a strange way..