Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flesh Tearers Tactical Squad

Not much happening on the painting front these few days. I've been playing X-Com: Terror from the Deep on my PC once again. Its addictive as ever even though its an old DOS game. Also playing Dynasty Warriors 2 on me PSP.

Still i've managed to get the major colors and basic highlights up for my first Flesh Tearers tactical squad.

The local GW will be having a basing course this Saturday. I may bring the boys in to get them based. Hopefully learn some nice basing tips as well :)

The Squad has a Sgt with Powerfist, 7 other normal Marines, 1 Marine with Meltagun and 1 with a Missile Launcher.

I've got about 5 more marines left and thats it. No more Power Armor dudes heheh! If they are painted up, then Project Leftovers will be done! I'll have recycled all my old marines. The Flesh Tearers scheme will be the 7th coat of paint on each model :P I don't think i can paint on top of this anymore as the details are really hard to see now. I had to draw some of the eye lenses and leg guard grooves lol!

They Tac Squad will be the only one holding objectives, usually combat squaded. The plan for the rest of the army will be Assault Marines without Jump Packs in Rhinos.

Upcoming work...

I'll be painting up the sarcophagus for me to swap my existing Libby-Dread to a Furioso Dread. Also doing up a Magna grapple as well as a Librarian in Power Armor.

Take care all! And have a nice day :))


  1. X-Com that bring back memories haha, I still remember playing X-com 3 Apocalypse and it was very fun, catching aliens for research making the "blue" armour to PWN the aliens hahaha. Read the aliens autopsy reports, fun times.

    Speaking of Dynasty warrior LOL... during my nsf days I put my ps2 + some games in camp. I took a 1wk leave, came back the guys told me they completed the game and unlocked everything all weapons/characters. I was like wtf, what I play now? hahaha

    pls show what you learn from the basing course hahaha, then we can copy!

  2. Yeah! I miss the Apocalypse one too :) Fluffwise i was kinda peeved that after we fought so hard to save Earth, it was still almost destroyed by ourselves lol!

    Haha! I just finished the Wu and Shu Campaigns. Almost done with Wei. Haha! Is resetting the game even possible?

    Sure thang manz! Will update again after Saturday ;)