Monday, April 26, 2010

Descent of Angels

I have given in to the excellent new miniatures of the Blood Angels....namely the Sanguinary Guard :)

The wife got me a box of them today! And I got Commander Dante here with me as well.

I like small elite armies as can be seen by my Deathwing army. So I have also decided to do a similar elite army for the Blood Angels. The entire army will be just made up of Sanguinary Guard, made possible by Dante. As such, i have started doing some paint work on the noble and long lived commander.

Work has started on Dante's armor and winged motifs, as well as the Axe Mortalis. Pic taken at 2am where i'm at ;P

I will probably be giving him the winged jump pack of the Sanguinary Guard, inspired by the golden figure on the cover of the new BA codex :)

The Blood Wing will consist of three to four groups of 5 Sanguinary Guard, with support from 2-3 jump pack Sanguinary Priest. Not sure if such an army will work, but i am in love with the imagery of golden angels descending from the heavens haha!

For Sanguinius! Oh..and the Emprah!


  1. Love your work man! Is that in NMM or gold?

  2. Thanks dude! The mini is painted in NMM ;)

  3. NMM!!! WOW the blending looks much smoother than the previous model. Look at the ABS! very 3D. ooooo uncle Dante thighs are nicely done too!

    Time to let uncle Dante eat some krak missiles!

  4. Thanks YC ;) Sort of still trying to get the hang of NMM. I tried to follow the White Dwarf instructions, but i think they didn't give up all their secrets...

    Lol! Hopefully i won't fail the 4+ invulnerable man, cos i won't have Fortune for re-rolls in this army haha!

  5. Wao. The armour looks awesome. I think he looks better than GW's gold armour. With painting like this, you "can't" fail your armour saves =)

    Unless you use dice of dubious origins lol.

  6. Thanks Krom :)

    Haha! My dice are the GW ones. The potential for rolling a '1' has just been increased exponentially lol!