Monday, April 12, 2010

WIP Character for Cthulhu Army

I went for a quick browse at Ace Comics in the city and was not disappointed. I found a miniature just in from Reaper. I had no doubt that i will be using him as my counts as Epidemus character in DoC 40K.

The miniature above is another excellent product from Reaper Miniatures. The name of the mini is Dr Totenkranz and is sculpted really superbly by Matthew Bickley.

I have mounted the good doctor on a suitable base, and placed four token pieces to simulate arcane statues around him. The tokens are from an earlier purchase (Bag of Cthulhu by Fantasy Flight Games).

Front view.

Back view.

I have named him The Reanimator. He has built a floating chair which also serves as a life support device. He is too steeped in the Cthulhu Mythos and the only thing preserving his life is his chair. This arcane device frequently draws energy from four statues of strange greenish stone.

More work will probably still have to be done on the base. I have added rudimentary wires and cables connecting the statues to a central repository for the energies drawn.

The Reanimator floats into battle on his grotesque throne, taking note of all aspects of the Mythos and in the process, bringing its occupant deeper into madness.


  1. incredible! the green stuff wires connecting the cthulhu statues and a floating cybernetic daemon in the middle!

    very dark mechanicus

  2. Yup yup, now that u mention it, he does have the dark mechanicus look :)) He's a cheaper option, as i was originally planning to convert a GW Slann Mage priest ;)

    He's the dude who will be leading my fishmen to battle. Umm..actually he probably be hanging back while they do their thing haha!

  3. I think I will abstain from seafood for a looooong while. Looking great and gruesome. Now hurry paint it man!