Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another army idea!

Due to a surplus stock of time and processing speed, my mind has wandered off to the mad reaches yet again. This time, its a world of knights, space marines, martyrs of the past and angels :)

I have painted me a Space Ranger from EM4 Miniatures range. He will also serve as inspiration for my new army idea.

Front View.

Back view.

I really like this miniature. I had purchased it some time ago, but finally had the colors in my mind to paint him in.

He does well to represent a space marine or sister of battle equivalent. He could even represent an assault marine as the vents on his backpack do look like it has flight potential ;)

I had painted him in neutral gray. And he has insignias of a Grail Cup and a Cross on the front armor. All this will tie in with the army's back story :))

Basically the mini will represent a Knight of an ancient order dedicated to pursuing justice and good. The suit's or armor's bulkiness is due to the technologies that increase a normal human's stats to those of a being like...say..a space marine ;) Its a convenient way to include the superhuman stats fluffwise.

Future Plans for the Army

I will also be introducing the Order of the Angels of Arc in a little story in the next post. I will probably be using the new Blood Angels codex and just the Sanguinary Guard (to be renamed Paladins) to represent the elite or leadership of the army.

For my Scouts Troop choice, I have plans to use the miniatures from Corvus Belli's Infinity (PanOceania) range. I recently purchased a Jeanne D'Arc miniature and 4 Knights Hospitaller, and they will be the SM Scouts.

All this also inspired by the Standard Bearer sections in White Dwarf 362 where Jervis Johnson encourages the use of converted miniatures and give the army much added character. I have taken it a step further in my enjoyment of the hobby :)


  1. NO!!!!!!!!! no more BLOOD ANGELS!!!!!! you have forsaken the LION!!! traitor!!!

  2. Haha! The new BA minis were too tempting ;P

    I might use minis as Daemonhunters as well. Sanguinary Guard minis can be Termi GK, Space Rangers to counts as PAGK and Infinity minis as Storm Troopers.

    Also tempted to do Witch hunters. Space Rangers as SoB, Infinity minis counts as storm troopers and Sanguinary Guard minis as Seraphims.

    So many options, so difficult to choose LOL!

  3. Cool soldier! hahaha. from the back view he looks real cool. From the front, even cooler jus that he looks like mickey mouse (his 'jet pack' is giving him the ears.)
    hahaha! but love it! =)

  4. A moment of laxity spawns a lifetime of heresy. Never forget, never forgive.

    Lol, what am I saying? I am a Space Wolf. I kill anyone not in baby grey armour Ahwooooo! Hurry back bro, the horns of battle have sounded!