Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Sanguinary Guard

Finally managed to assemble the Sanguinary Guard. It surprisingly took a while. The wing assembly was quite precarious and annoying at times haha!

The 5 Sanguinary Guard squad are armed with an Infernos pistol, Power Fist, 3 Angelus Boltguns and 4 Blade Encarmines.

Well, time to get them primed and painted then ;)


  1. Cool man! You also got the Sanguinary Guard minis :)) Are they gonna be in your list as well?

  2. I wanted to, but not enough points to include them. Unless I use a normal HQ instead those special characters.

  3. Ah i see. But those special characters are just so tempting to use lol! I use the Sanguinary Guard juz cos of the really nice sculpt. No idea whether the an all Sang Guard army can work or not heehee!