Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chabho Saug the Reanimator

And here he is finally completed :) well...more or less haha!

Chabho Saug on the Mythos Engine (Front View)
He sits on the floating throne powered by arcane mythos energies. He also has a small tv screen where he can monitor his own life signs and watch MTV.

The 4 stone statues were obtained from sites both mystical and fell. Each statue contains within its own history through the aeons and its own unique signature of dark power. Chabho has somehow managed to harness these energies for his own means. Eldritch crystals grow out of the base of the Mythos Engine, warped by unspeakable forces.

(Back View)
Various piping and wiring hang from Chabho's mechanical throne and tapping into the energy pool in the Engine to sup upon its powers.


  1. Wonderful paint job yet again. The slime pool just amplified the whole model chaotic look.

    My BA are hungry to purge some daemons!

  2. Hey man that's amazing!

    What are you using it for??

  3. Hey all, thanks for the nice comments :))

    @crazyrat: Cool manz! You are starting BA! The army should be ready to do battle with the Sons of Sanguinius when i get back ;))

    @enrgie: He's my counts as Epidemus for my 40k DoC army :)

  4. COoooooool you have the coolest conversions so far!!

    Make me a Harpy for my Tyranids!! hahahaha! Otherwise give me ideas!!!

  5. Thanks man!

    Wow! That was a fast reply lol!

    Hmm...for a Harpy i would use the Mawloc kit with Ultraforge Miniature's Demon Wings or them GW Balrog wings :)

    You could also meld the bio weapons onto the wings if needed. And probably would have to modify the tail a bit too.

    After that its greenstuff all the way for additional touches ;) I can do gs for u if u send me the bits heehee!

  6. Yeah I have subscribed to this post. Haha!

    I still cant see your vision! Sketch?

    Alternatively, let me know how much it will cost in Aus and I'll transfer you money to your SG account! LOL!

  7. Lol! serious ah!

    Okie dokes, i email you a drawing mebe tml to consider ;)

  8. Hehe yea, I trust your modelling skills! Just wanna know how much it will cost! LOL!

    When are you coming back to SG???

  9. Kk i do an estimate then. I'll be back in July :) At least thats the plan. Me wife plans to finish up her this semester's placement hopefully by late June.

    Will ya be in town as well?

  10. I just sent you an email don't know if you received it but yea, July is my plan too!

  11. Wonderful paintjob really! The slim looks really menacing and real.

    Really creepy =)

  12. Thanks Krom :)

    He's a fat creepy bloke hahas!