Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Unit & Backstory

I had painted a Space Ranger from EM4 Miniatures in a previous post, and have been using it as my counts as a Tactical Space Marine.

I have just finished another mini from Corvus Belli's Infinity Range. This excellent miniature is from their PanOceania's faction and is known as The Sacred Order of Knights Hospitallers of Saint John of Skovorodino.

I will be using the above to represent counts as Space Marine Scouts :) I have named them Errants. The Errant above is pictured in his full 'combat scout' regalia. He is equipped with close combat weapon, scout armor and bolt pistol. The vanes on his helmet can be counted as teleport homer if i pay the points for one.

The Errant

The Errant will be the lowest rank in the Order, but nonetheless important and most numerous. When not in battle. The Errant is usually garbed in long cloaks without their helmets or tabard. They will however still wear their armor inside.

Errants perform the duties of spies and watchmen in society, always on the lookout for the daemonic and others that plot or do evil. The Errant will then inform their Masters of the ebb and flow of events in the larger universe.

Their role on the battlefield is to scout ahead to determine enemy strength and to take out enemy characters if possible with well placed sniper shots.

Only when the Errant is deemed worthy in deed and spirit can he/she be inducted into the Knights of the Stone. Here the Errant will don his/her new armor and be at the forefront of the Eternal War.

Errant Marcus (front view)

Back view.

I'm still deliberating which Space Marine chapter to use to represent them. But i am tempted by the Blood Angels Codex as most importantly it contains minis which really look like ANGELS (to represent the Elite and HQ of my Knight Order) and secondly, its a NEW codex! ;P

And now some background on the Order written in the wee hours of the night ;)


This Ancient Order is known by many names: The Knights of the Grail, The Order of the Light, The Liberators of Lyonesaede and The Templars of the Sacred Blood are only but a few....

But the Order is most famously known as The Angels of the Arc.

What then is a name? A name can be said to be just a description of the essence of things. If that is true, then they may just give a clue as to the true nature of the Angels.

The truth however, always seems to go much deeper. For in the depths of light, will we then meet the eyes of god? Or will we see the light within our own darkness? For mere mortals would be blinded by that Light, getting only a blessed momentary glimpse, before their world is plunged into darkness.

But what if that Light endures...and though blinded in the physical, the individual transcends to a higher plane of TrueSight.

This would be but the tiniest fragment in the tapestry of the Angels of the Arc. It however contains its most undying foundation.

The Seed of Arc

Maybe all things, no matter how old, will still have a beginning. I believe Memory could well be the child of the Past. And without the Past, we would be lost in the Present, and there would be no tale from which to start.

The seed of all things was inspired by an individual in the vast ocean of history. The tale of Jeanne D'Arc, a woman who heard the 'Voice of God'. She who then lead an army to fight a war against those she saw were invaders of her home. Jeanne was burnt at the stake, a victim of the struggle for political power by the mortal men of her time.

It was from Jeanne that Angels of the Arc adopted the name of their Order, a tribute to the Ideal of the Martyr.

While Jeanne was the inspiration of the Angels, another source would provide its soul.

The Eternal War

The theme of the Light fighting against the Darkness has been a constant one in the history of Mankind. The dramtis personae in this struggle are as myriad and many as their battles.

It is from the fires of this supernatural forge that the Angels of Arc have found their place, and their Destiny. The legends and tales of humanity like those of Parzifal, Arthur and Charlemagne may very well have a fragment of truth, a mirror relfection of the Eternal War. One which Humanity must triumph, for the alternative is unacceptable.

Be it the daemonic or the evil that is in the hearts of men and alien, the Angels will stand and oppose. They will not shrink from their duties and beliefs. For it is the will to fight which matters. To continue to drive back the shadows, regardless of the enemy without number; even when all seems lost.

They fight on to this day, in the 40th millenium. Though they fight in secret, every victory is shared by all humanity.

Where Faith abides, the Light will quicken.

And when Darkness falls,

Angels Will Rise ....

Hope you enjoyed the short intro aka ramblings, haha! Can't wait to procure and paint up some Sanguinary Guard for my counts as Angels :)

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  1. Hi guys! I will be putting this army idea on hold for a bit. Got to complete the Blood Angels first lol!