Thursday, April 15, 2010

More WIP and a Name

Righty-O! An update on the previous post. The lead character in my Cthulhu 40k DoC Army now has some background and a name :)

Dramatis Personae:

Chabho Saug aka Reanimator

Chabho is still quite WIP. First few coats of paint, and more to come.

And a bit on his background:
Chabho Saug aka Reanimator & The Mythos Engine

Chabho Saug was born an aristocrat. His family one of the most wealthy and powerful on the Hive World of Mistark. House Saug controls a third of the alloy mills and almost half of the weapons manutactorium of the system.

However, the House of Sarg dominates in production and mining of precious ores. Their alloy mines located exclusively over the Valren Fissure where there is a profusion of rare metals and gems.

House Saug is ruled by the eccentric Whately Emerius Saug. The patriach has ruled the house for more than 200 years, and shows no signs of abdicating his position anytime in the present. Lord Emerius is also secure in the knowlwedge that his line will carry on. He knows this from his 180 known sons and daughters.

As such, Chabho had never entertained any illusions of securing any claim on one day being among the claimants to the family fortune. Currently, the position of dominance and favor is being fought between his step-brothers Donalen and Ferhun.

Not that Chabho has any concerns. For being a scion of House Saug, he already possess an unlimited wealth and resources. No...his interests lay in areas more....unconventional...

Chabho is the 132nd in line to the Lordship of Saug. His features are passable, with pale complexion, brown eyes and raven black hair. He also exhibits the aquline nose and curled lip of the Saug lineage. Chabho is a quiet and soft spoken man, often keeping to himself and always appearing to be in a world of his own.

In a sense, Chabho has always preferred to be in his own world. But he nurses an ambition that would be different yet similar from those of his brethren. Chabho too dreams of power. Not of that material riches and fame, but of something much darker.

Chabho had come across a book from his father's vast ocean collection of antiques and rarities. The book had no name and was bound in a leathery cover of some sort of skin. Perhaps from some animal from a distant part of the galaxy.

This would be the beginning of his path to enlightenment and damnation.

For Chabho had stumbled, unbeknowst to him, upon the writings of a madman concerning a cult to an ancient being known as Cthulhu.

Chabho delved deeper and found the first hints of the Mythos. His knowledge grew with the passage of time, but they were not without its ravages.

And here are some pics of the Mythos Engine (story about it to come later). It is 95% complete.

I'm also working out some names to counts as for the Tally of Pestilence ;)



  1. That mini look SICK! bloated and disgusting. Can see the possession within him had corrupted his flesh, uncle nurgle style.

  2. Yar manz, he is my counts as Epidemus :P I think he shows clearly why we shouldn't spend too much time seating LOL! His throne got TV some more, as well as i'm guessing, a built in toilet haha!

    He is corrupted by the Cthulhu Mythos in the back story ;)

  3. I like your story! Really cool =)

    Oh and he looks so wicked and indestructible, like having a 2+ rereollable invulnerable save!

  4. Haha! No lah, he only got a 5+ invulnerable save. Am almost done with painting the fat bloke, am now starting on the Mythos Engine (aka Palanquin of Nurgle).