Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quest for (Dwarven) Gold

With the release of the Blood Angels Codex, i could not help but marvel at the excellent NMM Gold painting styles of the 'Eavy Metal Team, especially in White Dwarf 364.

I had wanted to try NMM for a while but have been really daunted. Decided to have a go anyways. I've definitely seen much better NMM than mine LOL! But it was a start for me, and quite fun to figure out all the basics.

I learnt quite a few lessons though and will strive to do better in my next attempt (hopefully).

I had selected yet another well sculpted mini from Reaper. The mini is called Nalila Goldhammer, Female Dwarf Paladin sculpted really well by Tom Mason.

Side View

Front View.

Back View.

I really liked her armor, and find the mini bears a strong theme to that of the eagle. The eagle motifs can be seen in the hammer, greaves, shield and the breastplate wings.


  1. Looking good, but NMM I think is really difficult at least for me.

    Let you have some inspiration.

  2. Thanks man :)

    The Land Raider in the link looks really ace!!

    I'm going to try NMM Silver next, maybe Chrome and sky effects at a later date ;)