Wednesday, May 27, 2015

40K Hobby Progress: Kill Team & Nids

I finally managed to do some basing for my Kill Team models today. It took a long while haha! But the first layer of the basing is ON! Its basically some brownish sand.
Here's my tiny Eldar Kill Team. Still waiting for the glue to completely dry before adding on some grass flock.
Here are the Rangers of the Hidden Moon with some sand on their bases.
I used super glue to stick on the sand for some. Its really solid hold but does have some super glue vapor that causes a white coat to form over some of the miniature's legs.
Back view of the cameleoline cloaks with the crescent moon shaped motifs on the Rangers.

More Tyranids!
I broke out the Malaceptor kit and assembled it today.
Also assembled 6 Zoanthropes. The new Zoeys really look ace! Like the new design of the carapace on their craniums.
Lots of brains in this pic. Psychic Might!!
I dug out some of my old Zoanthropes (painted ones pictured in the back). And I had a converted Doom of Malantai (in front). They can proxy as Neurothropes. And together with the Malaceptor they can actually form the Neural Node Formation!

I heard the Neural Node formation is kinda crap, but I think it'll be really fluffy fun to field, AND paint up :)

I'm still kinda deciding on the final color scheme for my Nids. I planning to try a dark orange with dark blue carapace. Shall see how that goes.

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