Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Eldar WIP: Elvish Kill Team

I had some time today after work and did some painting on my Eldar Kill Team for the Slow Burn League my gaming group is doing. My tiny force consists of 8 Eldar Rangers and 4 Striking Scorpions with 1 Exarch.
Above was the only pic I managed to take of the beginning stage. Once assembled and primed I got straight to painting. Later realized the requirement for step by step photos of the painting stages lol!
But generally how I arrived at the above stage is Dark Angels green on a black undercoat. The Exarch is still primed black as I was going to leave her last. And she's already assembled here.
The three on the left have their coats of bright green armor on while the one on the right is done.
A closer pic of the Exarch aka The Red Scorpion. Still got quite a bit of work to do on the model though.
A group shot of the Striking Scorpions section of the Kill Team. Still a work in progress. Good thing the Slow Burn is for a month.
Above are pics of my original Rangers. They are from my Alaitoc army many years ago. They needed not much assembly as they are one piece models. Just stick them on the base and they are assembled! Lol!
I'll be painting their cloaks desert camo and their armor will be the yellow of Iyanden.
Managed to put the first basecoat on for the cloaks using Baneblade Brown. The rifles will be painted black as per Iyanden weapons scheme.
I'll be using a Vyper to bring the points from 200 to 250. Again no assemble shown here. Just the priming after.

Keep on painting guys! And most importantly, enjoy the process and enjoy the models :)

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