Monday, June 1, 2015

Tyranids WIP: Hive Fleet Mandrasar

Motivation is high again to work on my Tyranids. Especially now that I have finally confirmed the color scheme for them. It'll be a orange-y color for the skin and dark blue for the carapace :)
I was inspired by the color scheme from the current Tyranid Codex pages 47 and 50. There you will find artist renditions of a Venomthrope and an Exocrine.
The Hormagaunt above was my first test model. I like the look but wanted a simpler paint scheme. Mainly a basecoat, layer and highlight.
I did some more testing with the colors and finally came up with a sequence of colors that will be easier for me to paint en masse. The Genestealer above is the 2nd test model.
I gave the model a basecoat of Parasite Brown from Game Color. Then a wash of Reikland Fleshshade. I layered on Ratskin Flesh from Citadel. The highlights were done using Citadel Vomit Brown. The last step was a very watered down wash of Khorne Red.

I'm not sure if this will turn out to be a painting pledge for the Slow Burn League as yet. But I will be planning to paint up a Tyranid Formation called the Neural Node.
I converted a set of 3 Neurothropes as I had some of the older Zoanthrope models. I replaced the metal heads of the old Zoeys with the new plastic ones.
Had to somehow incorporate the cool looking spine thingy on the Neurothropes as well.
So I came up with sticking on the spine to the back of the existing model. Kinda like a spine symbiote latching on to the host Zoanthropes.
I also based all nine of the Zoanthropes with some basic sand. Will plan to add some other base pieces and cool effects for the Neural Node.
Have a great week ahead all! Hugz!

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