Sunday, May 24, 2015

Knight Titan WIP: The Crimson Reaper

I was reading through the new Imperial Knight codex and was inspired to paint up my Knight Titan again. It had been one quarter painted in Black Templar colors but languished in a corner as I was not too motivated to paint it up.

Also sadly, I had also lost the leg armor pieces for my Knight. Try as I might, I could not locate them.

I decided to paint my Knight up as The Crimson Reaper. I like his backstory even though it was just a short blurb, it had potential ;)

"The Crimson Reaper is a Freeblade Knight, who was first sighted during the Rithguard Crusade and has since then participated in battles on scores of worlds alongside the armies of the Imperium. Those who have fought at his side however, struggle to admire him - as he does not care for the lives of his allies on the battlefield and has readily trampled them to death, in his eagerness to clash with the Imperium's enemies." -From the Lexicanum website
(Picture taken from Google Images.)

And there was also a nice picture above to go with the fluff. But before I started painting, I had to remove the Black Templar iconographies and more importantly, fashion another set of lower leg greaves for the Knight...
I used the corner protectors from Daiso. They are made up of a rubbery transparent material and it was easy to bend. I put some greenstuff on each end. There were empty vertical slots running down the entire sides of the leg greaves.
I filled the empty slots with extra skeletons bitz from my Mantic Skeletons haha! This also helps reflect the Knight's name of being a Reaper.
Side view of the legs. I had to chop up the skeleton bitz as the slots are quite narrow. Also had to wait for the super glue to set, and it took an entire morning.
Back view. Used more greenstuff for the back of the legs.
I had to scrape off the iconography from the heraldry shield. It was a sad moment when I decided to paint over the Black Templar crosses I painted on the shoulder pads.
Above pic of my version of the Crimson Reaper with base colors recolored on. Now Reds, Blacks and Golds. He definitely looked better by the afternoon.

I painted the eyes then glued on the face plate. And painted on the iconography of The Crimson Reaper!
The converted leg greaves are primed black but not painted yet. I'm planning to paint the skeletons a bone color. And also paint some gold framed gothic arches around the slots. I'm kinda liking the new leg greaves as it reminds me of the cathedral like leg greaves of the much much bigger Imperator and Emperor class Titans.

Well that's enough hobby for today. I had kinda felt under the weather in the morning, but did have strength to still do some hobbying :)

Will be adding more highlights and washes and finally basing the model.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.  And here's wishing all a super week ahead!