Sunday, May 10, 2015

Slow Burn Painting: Eldar

I only managed to do a bit of work on the weekend. I was mostly assembling a Land Raider for my Blood Wolves project. Did manage to put more paint on the Eldar minis I'm working on for the Kill Team.

Lithaina Aranshiel, The Red Scorpion
I'm still coming up with the fluff for her. But I thought I'd post an update on her. She's mostly done except for some more highlights and the base. May be going for sand and some shrubbery for the base.
I decided to go for blonde hair for as it ties in with the warm color of red of the armor. I painted her Chainsabres bone to represent Wraithbone. She wields the The Bonesabres of Gilthrandir.
Back view of Aranshiel. I really enjoyed painting this miniature. Her pose is dynamic and she looks poised to strike at a moment's notice.
I decided to leave the armor a dull red and not give it too much highlights.


I have not finished the Rangers yet. But their camo cloaks are coming along nicely. I'm planning to paint all 20 Rangers. The ones of the left are mostly done while the Rangers on the right are in the early stages. The middle Ranger was the one I painted some time back (yup I finally found him, he hid really well lol!). He was my first and the rest are all based on his paint scheme. 

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Have a super week ahead :)

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