Monday, May 4, 2015

Eldar WIP: Scorpions

The march of time has brought us to the month of May. I've switched from my Tyranids to the Eldar. They have a new Codex released and its looking good for the space elves. I've also joined the Slow Burn League and there is a Kill Team component to it as well. I decided to go Stealth themed and will be fielding Striking Scorpions and Rangers.
I decided to go slow and paint this guy up. Started last night and only done this morning. Man, he has got lots of details! I started with primed (black) models and used Caliban Green as a basecoat.
I added Moot Green to the Caliban Green (50:50) for the next layer. The third layer was done using a mix of 70:30 Moot Green to Caliban Green. After that I just layer on pure Moot Green.
The highlights on the aspect armor was done with Moot Green and white. I painted on yellows and blues to reflect his allegiance to Craftworld Iyanden.
Eldar aspect warriors are especially gemmed up. If I were to attack an alien race for loot and shinies, it would definitely be the Eldar lol!
I left the internal armor Caliban Green with the 1st highlight layer.

More Scorpions
The mini on the left is from Chapterhouse Studios. Unfortunately I can't seem to find her online anymore. I'll be using her as my Scorpion Exarch.
Above are my old Rangers when I played Eldar using rules from the Alaitoc Craftworld. I re-painted 2 when I was in Brisbane, but can't seem to find them. Will repaint them in the scheme of Iyanden with different sandy looking cloaks.

So my 200 point Kill Team will be 4 Striking Scorpions with 1 Exarch (with Twin Chainsabres), and 7 to 8 Rangers :)

Have a great start to the week everyone!


  1. Limonene! Looks sour! But I love it! Wonder if I should give mine a little greyish tint to represent stealth. A little hard to hide when you're all bright green!

    Post on ABO please!

  2. Lol! I followed the really old paint scheme when they were really bright. Taste the rainbow! :)