Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Knight Titan WIP Progress: The Crimson Reaper

More time today and I gots to work on The Crimson Reaper! Got some highlights in and also glued all the pieces of the model together.
Also glued the model to the base. Now to consider some ideas for the base. Maybe something bloody with casualties from both Imperial and Xenos origins. This would help to reflect the collateral damage that the Crimson Reaper is infamous for.
Still got some work to do on the back of the model. Namely highlights and painting the Adeptus Mechanicus symbols.
Side view of the destructive Melta-cannon. His strategy will be to move and run. Then charge and charge :)
The D weapon. The Crimson Reaper's weapon of choice and the last word in close combat encounters. Would loved to have converted a chain scythe for him though.
The Crimson Reaper, with his battle pennant and symbols resplendent. I'm glad the converted leg greaves came out ok. Had a fun time with the conversion.

I'll be basing him soon together with my 250 points of Kill Team minis. Hope to have more pics up soon.


  1. LOOKS AMAZING!!!! I'll make sure I kill it first!

  2. Thanks man! Lol! It'll take some killin'. Fun to roll to see if it explodes big time :)