Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Eldar WIP: Shrine of the Emerald Sting

Mr Fluffy is here again as I present some of backstory or fluff for my Eldar Kill Team. Below is a brief write up of their purpose, function and key personalities. Hope you enjoy.

Farseer Glithrandil
Glithrandil has been on the council of Iyanden's seers for many centuries. Glithrandil travels the stars and coordinates the execution of covert operations whose purpose are known only to the council.  
Glithrandil's efforts have borne much fruit in helping the Craftworld avoid much of the conflict and dangers which would have otherwise placed them at peril.

The Eyes of Glithrandil
The purpose of such teams also known as Glithrandil's Eyes was necessary due to the loss of a great number of the Craftworld's psykers during the Tyranid attack on Iyanden.

Unable to prognosticate the skeins of fate with their previous accuracy, Iyanden had to have a physical network in getting vital information to the Craftworld. As such, small teams comprising of Rangers and Striking Scorpions were chosen for their stealth and skills at remaining undetected, until the time came to strike.

The Shrine of the Emerald Sting
The Shrine of the Emerald Sting is identified by their bright green armor and yellow faceplates. They draw the shadows unto themselves when stalking their prey, only revealing their presence when it is time to strike. Usually the last thing the enemy sees is their emerald armor followed by a flash of chainblades and mandiblaster needles.
I'm mostly done with the Striking Scorpions for my Elvish Kill Team :) Above is the first of the Scorpion miniatures I did a week back.
Three more members of the Shrine of the Emerald Sting. The Shrine has been used by Glithrandil for numerous covert actions where the enemy is seconded deep underground or hidden in fortresses where the retribution of the sniper's rifle cannot reach.
The Scorpion strike team is usually led by Lithaina Aranshiel. She was the Exarch of the Shrine of the Crimson Shadow. She was the only member left after its destruction. The reasons for her Shrine's destruction are at present a mystery. Lithaina has been at Glithrandil's side and served as his most trusted aide for many years. She leads the Iyanden strike teams supported by the craftworld's Rangers.

That's all I gots for now. The Rangers of the Hidden Moon are near completion and I will be posting them up shortly.

The only thing left after will be the basing of the models.

Hope the week has been a great one for all. Powering on to the weekend ;)

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