Friday, May 22, 2015

Eldar WIP: Iyanden Vyper

I just finished a quick paint up of a Vyper from the Iyanden Craftworld. It took about 2 evenings to complete as I could only paint after work. The Vyper unit is a worthwhile unit to paint up as it is a requirement in most of the troop based new Eldar Formations.

Here are some early WIP pics of the Vyper:
Primed black. And ready for the first basecoat.
Basecoat of Tausept Ochre on the areas that will be yellow in color.
I painted the front cover and weapon seat of the Vyper first. I left painting of the crew to the last.
Here's the Vyper, now ready for tabletop games. I'll do a bit more highlights later. But he's good to go.
I added Yriel Yellow to Tausept Ochre (30:70) as the first layer. Then worked my way up to (50:50) mix of Yriel Yellow and Tausept Ochre.
The final layer was (80:20) mix of Yriel Yellow and Tausept Ochre.
For base highlights, I used Yriel Yellow with Ushabti Bone. The lines I used a mix of Dark Flesh with Abbadon Black.
Back view of the Vyper. I gave the spine of the seat a bone white color as a contrast.

And this is also the last 50 points of my 250 point Kill Team paint up.

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Thanks man! Yeah, for me using the paintbrush takes more time, but it makes painting the model more intimate hehe!