Sunday, September 26, 2010

BatRep: Necrons VS Tyranids

Another battle for Conflict Event..

I played another battle this weekend. This time versus the dreaded Tyranids. My opponent was Chris. He's a great sport and gamer. Although he faced several tough moments towards the end of the game, but he played with much calm and candor.

Be forewarned that the batrep may be a tad messy as I was quite tired ;P

Tyranids Army List 1000pts

1x Swarmlord
Boneswords, Psychic Scream, Paroxysm

1x Hive Guard with Impaler Cannon

3x Warriors
Deathspitters, Scything Talons

3x Venomthrope
Lash Whips

15x Hormagaunts
15x Termagants
Old One Eye
Regeneration, Crushing Claws

I was not too sure of all the Tyranid unit upgrades and biomorphs. Only vaguely remembered the ones that affected me ;)

My Necrons Army List is again unchanged. It can be found here.
Mission: Seize Ground

Deployment: Dawn of War


Its Dawn of War again. And the sun has yet to rise. We deployed One HQ and two Troops each. We had a whopping 5 objectives. We placed 2 objectives each in our deployment zones. The Tyranid player placed the 5th objective on top of the Bastion which was guarded by his Tyranid Warriors.

Units Deployed

This is an overview of the field of battle kinda looked like after everything walks on from reserve on each of our first turns.

Turn One

Tyranid Turn 1
3 Tyranid Warriors try to shoot at Necron Warriors 1 but cannot see.
Swarmlord deploys next to Bastion and moves/runs towards Necron lines.
Old One Eye moves in and runs 4 inches.
Venomthrope with Old One Eye also moves in tandem with him.
Gants and a Venomthrope move in from reserves and moves+runs towards forest where objective is.
Gaunts and their Venomthrope move a bit closer to their objective.
Hive Guard moves forward and readies its cannon but unable to see due to night fight.

Necron Turn 1
Warriors 1 deploys behind crater and moves towards crater in front.
Warriors 2 moves towards ruins for cover.
Destroyers 1 and 2 line up behind Warrior 1. Destroyer 1 manages to see Swarmlord and do 1 wound to it.
Deceiver moves and runs towards Warrior 1.
Scarabs move forward and into crater.

Turn Two

Tyranid Turn 2
Swarmlord moves forward and casts Paroxysm on Warrior 1. Psychic Scream of 3 inches affect no one.
Hive Guard fires but does not wound Destroyers 1.
Old One Eye and its Venomthrope move and runs forwards.
Tyranid Warriors shoot at Deceiver and wounds him.
Tyrant Guard shoot at Destroyer 1 and one falls.
Gaunts and Gants move forward and contact their objectives.

Necron Turn 2
Destroyer makes WBB roll :)
Warrior 1 and all Destroyers all shoot at Swarmlord and cause 3 wounds.
Warrior 2 shoots at approaching Old One Eye and casue on wound.
Deceiver moves away from Swarmlord towards approaching Old One Eye and Venomthrope.
Scarabs charge Swarmlord and stay in combat!! Only losing 1 swarm and 2 wounds to combat rez for being Fearless.

Turn Three

Tyranid Turn 3
Swarmlord kills of Scarab swarms and consolidate 4 inches.
Tyranid Warriors shoot and cause another wound on Deceiver.
Hive Guard fires cannon and downs 1 Warrior.
Carnifex and Venomthrope move and is now about 8 inches to Warrior 2 location.
Termagants and Hormogaunts do not move, staying on their objectives.

Necrons Turn 3
Necron Warrior makes WBB.
Destroyers 1 and Warriors 1 fire at Swarmlord and take down his last wound.
Warriors 2 fire at Venonthrope and kill it.
Destroyers 2 moves and fires at Old One Eye and cause another wound.
Deceiver charges Old One Eye and kills it.

Turn Four

Tyranids Turn 4
Tyranid Warriors shoot at Destroyers 2 and take down one.
Hive Guard shoots at Warriors but all wounds saved.
No other nids move...

Necrons Turn 4
Destroyers 2 do WBB and unit moves towards Tyranid Warriors in Bastion.
Destroyers 1 and 2 shoot at Warriors and kill 2.
Warriors 2 move closer to objective. Warrior 1 moves on top of crater objective.
Deceiver moves towards Bastion.

Turn 5

Tyranids Turn 5
Tyranid Warrior moves inside Bastion.
No other movement.

Necrons Turn 5
Destroyers 1 move 12 inches and shoot at Hive Guard killing it.
Destroyers 2 move towards Termagants unit and kills 5.
Deceiver charges Bastion and wrecks it.

The dice is rolled and da battle goes on......

Turn Six

Tyranids Turn 6
Tyranid Warrior shoots at Deceiver but does not wound him.
Termagants shoot Destroyers 1 but do not wound.
No other movement.
Venomthrope with Gaunts move backwards deeper into forest.

Necrons Turn 6
Destroyers 2 move to just outside Termagants forest and shoots, 7 Termagants die despite cover save. Destroyers charge Termagaunts and passes DT. Remaining Gants die and were unable to wound Destroyers.
Destroyers 1 move towards Hormagaunts and shoot, killing 5.
Deceiver charges Tyranid Warrior and kills it. Deceiver takes a wound from DT but passes invuln save.

Game Ends. A Necron Win 2-1.

The game was really tense in the beginning. The Swarmlord coming so close was really scary. And when i clarified the rules for the Boneswords, he became even scarier. If he had made it into combat with the Deceiver, i think the Deceiver would have died. I was not too sure about him using two Tyranid characters in a 1K point game, but then again, i was using a C'Tan meself lol!
Also i expected to be overwhelmed by weight of numbers. It was a strange sense of relief when i realized that his Gants and Gaunts were objective campers.


  1. 2 batreps in 1 day!!

    nice playing by shooting the swarmlord 1st then weaken the old-one eye and killing it using deceiver with its higher I strike 1st.

    The destroyers guns are deadly, I must try them.

    I also think your opponent brought too many high points special MC for a 1k game.

  2. Thanks man :)

    Yea, i thought it was a lot of special MC in a game. He would have overwhelmed me with the gants and gaunts too if they came at me together.

  3. I agree wi YC. Swarmlord AND Old One Eye soaks up too many points.

    Good Batrep but do snap some photos. I really wanna see what kinda terrain you play on and how the opponent's army look like! It's inspiration!

  4. Lol! Okie i'll try to remember to bring me camera next time. Does GW have any policy against phototaking in their shops? Juz wondering ;)

  5. @Skanwy
    No idea, our GW close so fast that I went around 5-6 times only. hahah maybe you can ask the red shirt there.

    Hey where do you find the necron icons? I'm trying to find icons for BA lol... to try out PP batrep

  6. @crazyrat:

    Yup i'll ask the red shirt if can ;) Or sneak in a few shots haha!

    For the Ncron icons i got it by a Necron Forum. BA icons are harder to find as pixel artists may not make alot of them (either that or my search-fu is weak lol). I think very few make the icons facing front. Alot are top down facing forwards.

    I'll send you an email later ;)

  7. @crazyrat:

    Hi again, my yahoo email cannot open lol! I got some links to a great program for battles. Got all the nice graphics too. Have you tried Vassal before? The link is :

    And the Vassal 40K link is:


  8. Yes I have vassal, but the icons are top view kind. Looking for your kind those front view kind.
    Looks cuter lol.