Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Black Templar WIP: Updates

One squad of Initiates almost done :)

The Black Cross still needs to be reflected on the shoulder pads. I'm thinking of going with the waterslide transfers. Basing and other stuff will have to wait for when i return to S'pore.

Squad Molay

Squad Molay is a 5 man squad and will be mainly utilized for securing the home objective, and providing some long range fire support. I have armed the Initiates with Bolters. One is armed with a Plasmagun and one with a Missile Launcher.

Squad Vichiers

I painted up the 2 more outstanding members of Squad Vichiers, namely the Initiates armed with Powerfist, and the other a Meltagun. They will be part of the 20 man squad (10 Initiates, 10 Neophytes) who will have the honor of footslogging it to the enemy lines. I will probably cut the squad size down to 15 men (10 Initiates and 5 Neophytes) in games of 1000 points.

Painting Robes & Shoulder Pads:
For the robes and shoulder pads, i used a basecoat of Scorched Brown and Bleach Bone. This was followed by Bleached Bone (watered down). And then 1:1 of Bleached Bone and Skull White. A final highlight of Skull White was added to finish up.

Spring is upon us in Brisbane. The temperature is rising and as a person used to much warmer climes, this is a welcome change indeed :)

Have a great week ahead all!

Though for the Day:
The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.
by Gilbert K. Chesterton


  1. Love your highlights!

    Good to hear that the climate is getting 'better' for you.

    More painting I suppose =)

  2. Hi Krom :)

    Thanks man.

    Yup, will be paintin' more. Hopefully da paints won't dry out as fast haha!

  3. Inspired by your painting again. I must go paint my stuffs hahaha

  4. @crazyrat: Good to hear man :) Which army you working on at the moment?

  5. Edit: Sorry guys forgot to add this. If you are doing the basecoat for any robes/ BT shoulders, its good to layer on a coat of Dark Flesh or Scorched Brown first.

    I did not do this for most of my minis cos they all had about 3-4 coats of previous color schemes on them. I was too lazy to strip paint and just painted over them lol!

  6. VC hahaha, they are also easily painted, bleach bone + wash = complete.

    Doing my grave guard now to be exact. Love the models and I always bring them in games.

  7. @crazyrat: Steady lah!!

    I'm still doing up my peasants on the side. For low points troops, each of them have a bit of details.

    Post some pics when you are done man ;)

  8. yeah man. Post your pics, both of you.

    It's painting frenzy here (infected by Skawny? haha)

    I am thinking of painting up my skellies too (if there is a fast and easy way?)

    Wait, I still my High Elves....

  9. Hi Krom,

    Sounds good man! Wat are ya paintin' at the moment? I think Melvin got a good tutorial on painting skellies on the Anything But Ones blog ;) They look great!

    I usually paint them Bubonic Brown, then Bleach Bone and a wash of Gryphon Sepia or Devlan Mud.

  10. I am painting and repainting my high elves. Lol. My problem is that I repaint my models when I find myself hating what i've done (2+ armour saves with so many coats haha).

    Gotta leave them as they are and post some pictures soon. Kinda miss 40k after reading your battlereport ya. Though the urge to play fantasy with my elves and skellies/varghulfs is rather, I would say, such an irresistible force?