Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Warriors!

More 40K Battles...

I had a couple of games last weekend. Four to be exact! :)))

Am probably not going to be doing battle reports as its all a blur and i can't remember most details anymore lol!

I tweaked my Necron List to learn using the Necron Lord and try out its variety of wargear. The points cap was again at 1000 points.

My List was:
1x Necron Lord
with Destroyer Body
Resurrection Orb

10 Necron Warriors
10 Necron Warriors

4 Destroyers
4 Destroyers

1 Tomb Spyder

Total: 995 points

I had 2 games vs Tyranids. My first game was a loss and the second one a win. Having experienced the power of outflanking genestealers in my first game, I learnt from my lesson ;)

For the first Tyranid game, my opponent list was something like this:

Hive Tyrant
with Venom Cannon, Scything Talons
Psychic Scream power

8 Genestealers with Broodlord

10 Gaunts

10 Gants

6 Ripper Swarms

1 Zoanthrope

1 Carnifex with
2x Scything Talons
Acid spitting thingy

1 Carnifex with
Scything Talons
Barbed Strangler

Summary: The mission included 2 objectives. The Nid player went first. I was doing ok until the Genestealers popped up. My Necron Lord was also not a match for the combined might of 2 Carnifexes. LOL! His units got to my lines real fast, i didn't know the Genestealers could Move, Run and Assault via Fleet.

For the second game, my other opponent's list was:

Tyranid Prime
Boneswords and Talons

Tyranid Prime
Boneswords and Deathspitter

9 Genestealers and a Broodlord

8 Genestealers and a Broodlord

Doom of Malantai

Carnifex with 2 sets of Scything Talons
Also had the acid spitting ability.

Summary: Both his Genestealers were outflanking as i've come to expect. I deployed in the middle and reserved one unit of Necron Warriors as i wanted to maximize my army's distance from the flanks. I shot at the Doom lots and the Primes, killing both. The Genestealers came in on turns 2 and 3, but they could not charge me. I managed to shoot almost everything to bits except the Carnifex which had 1 wound left when game ended. The Necron Lord sacrificed himself again and went down in close combat with the Carnifex.

Necrons VS Tau

I also had my first ever game vs Tau. It was a loss. I think i know what to do the next time i face them again.

My opponent's list was:

Battlesuit leader with Railguns and other stuff.

3 Suits with 2 Drones ( i think their names sounded like shasi or shasui)
Lots of plasma weaponary here

12 Fire Warriors and an Etheral guy.

12 Fire Warriors with Markerlight gear

A skimmer tank with Railgun

I'm not sure of the total Tau points cost and upgrades as i'm really not familiar with Tau.

It was a kill points game and i lost 3-2. My first target would be the Railgun thingy next time :) I only shot at it in turn 3 but managed to glance in lots till its Railgun was destroyed and it was immobilised. But it was too late haha! The Crisis Suits unit only lost 2 drones and took 1 wound from Destroyers shooting.

My Necron Lord also failed to hit anything for 2 rounds of combat with the 3 Crisis Suits, he lost combat to Tau and died when he failed WBB. LOLZ!! I rolled 3 consecutive ones 3 times for the first combat phase. The Necron Lord managed to wound the suits 4 times in total. But there were still 2 suits standing when he died. It was hilarious!

Tau took down one Destroyers unit, Tomb Spyder and the Necron Lord. I took only took out his Etheral, 1 unit of Fire Warriors. His other unit of Fire Warriors had only 3 guys left. Should have taken them out instead of trying to avenge the Necron Lord.

I'm impressed with the Crisis Suits. They sure are great units!

i think the ability to take good guns, Gun Drones, having 3 wounds each and 3 attacks base to be absolutely ace :) A must take unit i think for any Tau commander!

I'll be testing out the Destroyer Lord some more and will also give the foot Necron Lord a go soon. I'm painting up the Queen Khalida miniature from the Tomb King's range to represent my Necron Lord on foot.

Fantasy Battle

Also had a fantasy battle against Vampire Counts at 1000 points.

Opponent i think brought:

Flayed Hauberk
Sword of Battle

a Unit of Ghouls
a Unit of Grave Guard
a Unit of Skellies

The Black Coach

Edit: Opponent also took a Corpse Cart.

My Bretonnian List:

Bretonnian 1000pts

1x Paladin 116pts
Barded Bret Warhorse, Wyrmlance, Shield
Virtue of Noble Disdain

1x Damsel of the Lady 125pts
Bret Warhorse
1x Dispel Scroll
Chalice of Malfleur

9x Knights Errant 221pts
Full Command
Errantry Banner

8x Knights of the Realm 226pts
Full Command
Banner of Chalons

8x Knights of the Realm 216pts
Full Command

15 Peasant Bowmen 95pts

Total: 999pts

It was my first game of Fantasy since the new 8th edition rules. I used my Bretonnians and secured a win. The deciding round was when opponent failed charge and on my next turn, i managed to charge two lances of Knights into his Grave Guard with the Vampire. His Vampire turned to dust and his army crumbled in the ensuing turns.

The magic phase was interesting. I took Lore of Life and stuck to the signature spell. I could not cast much as the Black Coach kept absorbing 6's i rolled. The Black Coach did get up to its FULL power being ethereal and all, but was bogged down in combat by my Knights Errant. They were locked in combat for like 4 turns.

Also went with the wife to her colleagues BBQ dinner last evening and had a great time :) The steaks were really delicious!!

It was a tiring but fulfilling weekend.

Have a great start to the week everyone!



  1. Awesome weekend! The only time I get that many games is when it's a tournament!

    Pics Sam!

  2. A great start indeed!

    You actually clocked 40k AND fantasy games! I cn't tell you how envious I am (the steak included haha) =)

    Love to see th Brets prevail! For the Lady!

  3. @enrgie: I brought the camera, but dun dare to use haha! It was in a way a tournament atmosphere. I think we were all registered (some unknowingly) for the GW Conflict Event that was in progress ;)

    @Krom: Oh yeah! The Lady was awake that day and gazing benevolently at her Knights :)

  4. 4 Games in a wkend! POWER! I'm usually burn out with just 2.

    I also find the jeanstealer scary, they hit fast and hard.

    WOOT, another vampire dead. Congrats to 1st game 1st win. Chop off the head and the body stop moving. The black coach against heavily armoured knights with ranks etc also quite hard to win at full power.