Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crusade of the Twin Swords: Some Origins

Fluff changes and additions to my Black Templars army:

The Fall of Castigna

The world of Castigna is home to a mighty Black Templars Chapter Keep, an indomitable symbol of the Emperor's Light. But such was not always the case. Castigna was invaded by the forces of Chaos made up of different members of the Traitor Legions. The Chaos Battleship Ularax home to at least two hundred of the Traitor Marines.
Though the Keep itself was empty save for human retainers and servitors, many of the citizentry remained loyal to the Black Templars and had gave their lives in protecting the Chapter Keep. They put on the panoply of the Templar Cross and stood before the fury of the traitors. It was a brave but futile attempt as the forces of Chaos were numerous and the Keep was taken. The defenders who were captured were executed, but not before a distress beacon was sent.

The Black Templars returned to Castigna and found their retainers scattered or dead, though some loyalists still fought a guerilla war of resistance under the name 'The Iron Cross'. Their Chapter Keep had been occupied and defiled by the forces of Chaos now rampant across the planet. Great was the fury of the Black Templars, and the Marshal of the Crusade, Enduin Valent launched a devastating attack on the forces of Chaos. In less than 2 months, they were victorious. The world of Castigna was liberated and the taint of Chaos purged. Members of the citizenry who formed the resistance were honored by Marshal Valent. The attack on the Chapter Keep also revealed something that would shape the Crusade.

The Twin Swords

The Chapter Keep was built on ancient foundations and it was here that the Twin Swords Durendal and Sauvagine were found. The swords were presented to Marshal Valent and he had them reforged into instruments of vengeance on the enemies of the Emperor. The swords also became incorporated into the heraldry of Marshal Valent's banner, and is still used to this day by the current Marshal.

Castigna today...

Although the Black Templars are a Fleet Based Chapter and recruit from a hundred worlds, Castigna holds a special place in the heart of Marshal Valent's Crusade, as recruits heavily from this world.

The Twins Effect
There has also always been a genetic prevalence of birth-twins on Castigna. As a result most Neophytes are twins and many have passed the trials of initiation to the rank of Black Templar Initiates. Almost all children on Castigna are trained in the use of swords from a young age and as such are excellent swordsmen.

Twins are often found fighting and training together, their genetic proximity appearing to give them the ability in anticipating each other's intent on the battlefield. This advantage was also clearly capitalized on by the Templar recruiters.

Just finished up some highlights for another two of my Black Templars twins. Pictured above are Initiates Arduino and Beltran.

Armageddon Vets.
The Crusade currently under Marshal Amantus also consists of veteran brethren who had participated in other campaigns. The most notable being the Armageddon Crusade. There veteran brothers of Armageddon are not numerous, but they are no less respected and valued for their prowess and wisdom.

Marshal Amantus has allowed these veterans to adorn their helmets with the Templar Cross as recognition to their valor as well as a rememberance to their brother marines who had fallen on Armageddon.

I have done some highlights for the Templars. Pictured above are (left to right) Brother-Initiates Gaetan, Santino, Stephan, Raimon and Ezio.


  1. Really stunning painting as usual.

    Love your fluff. Invasion of the twins. Someone say Twin Effect (some movie here?)

    NIce =)

    (Bro, how did you do your face again? Oh and sorry for being a bitch, but maybe a thin thin line to highlight the red line at the knee pad will make it slightly better?)

  2. @Krom: Thanks bro :)

    Also good catch, i will do a highlight on the red line. Btw, the motif is the badge representing the (Third) Battle for Armageddon ;)

    I used the below formula for the face:
    a) 1:1:1 Dwarf Flesh, Tanned Flesh and Dark Flesh
    b) Wash of Dark Flesh, when dried a wash of Badab Black
    c) 1:1 Tallan Flesh and Dark Flesh
    d) Tallarn Flesh, Dwarf Flesh and Bleach Bone mix (1:1:1)
    e)Red Gore wash-thinned down
    f) Bleach Bone for highlight to highest areas of face.

    Hope this helps :)

  3. I must see your BT in person to admire them and get fully inspired to do up my marine army hahaha.

    Very detail flesh painting guide there, I will need that for future reference.

  4. @crazyrat:

    No probs. I'll be back in Nov. Really looking forward to catch up with you and the guys again :))