Friday, September 3, 2010

Templar Highlights

Veteran Sergeant- A Close Up

I am trying out the zooming function of me camera. It appears me camera can only focus on one model. I tried for all but it turns out really blurry....

I have used Codex Grey and a bit of Fortress Grey (from GW paints) for the highlights.

Front view (click da pics for a bigga view).

Back view.

I didn't highlight all the areas as yet. I got about 15 more Templars to paint, so speediness is preferred ;)

Marshal's Banner

I also done up a banner for my Marshal. Actually it'll be the same banner that every subsequent Marshal will from my Crusade force.

I did the banner using MS Powerpoint. The shapes options were really helpful.

The twin swords symbolise the badge of office for the Marshal, reflecting the tradition and legacy of the blades Durendal and Sauvagine. The stars represent their focus on the Emperor for divine guidance as the Templars sail the Sea of Stars. The color of the four shields are to represent the 4 previous Marshals who have passed on and are now sitting at the right hand of the Emperor :)

The 6 six Templar crosses signify each of the major Crusades the Templars were part of, namely: Vinculus, Second Purging of Lastrati, (the famous) War on Terra, Nimbosa, Jerulas and of course Armageddon.

The black cross signifies the pride and symbol of the Black Templars. The circle around the black cross signifying the Eternal Crusade, unbroken for 10,000 years.

The words 'The Light Eternal' reflect the Templar's perspective of the Emperor's Light strengthening their Will, and with it to Destroy the Shadows.

Cheers guys! The weekend is around the corner :))


Thought for the Day:
Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
by Samuel Beckett


  1. oooo good edging there. I find edging power armour very tedious, maybe is my shaking hand and correcting errors take a lot of time. Edging power armour makes the marine look more 3D and esp black armour needs it.

    Are you printing the banner out? Should look good when deploy with your army.

  2. Thanks dude ;)

    Yup, the black is quite flat without the highlights. But i was also cautious of highlighting too much as my test model came out quite grey-ish.

    I dun have color printer here. Maybe i print the black n' white and paint on it heheh!

    How's the terrain making coming along?

  3. Ray received all the terrains already, he schedule for 12th sept for the terrain day. I'm not sure if all can make it on that day.

  4. Cool! The Terrain Day sounds exciting!